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August 14, 2002 (AvP Movie News)
Here's the latest batch or articles:

Aliens vs. Predator Movie

July 14, 2002 (Movie News)
Is it really possible? Well, like all the other Alien sites, we'd be remiss if we didn't post at least some info about this latest information that has Paul Anderson writing and directing. Thanks to Cinescape, avpnews, and Dark Horizons.

Aliens vs. Predator Producer's Info

July 18, 2002 (General News)
The producer list for the movie is rumored to include:

McFarlane Toy Round-Up

July 14, 2002 (General News)
Here's the latest on the upcoming action figures from McFarlane:

Paul Anderson Info

July 18, 2002 (General News)
Here's Paul Anderson's info as posted at the IMDB.

Peter Briggs' Script Info

July 18, 2002 (General News)
You can check out Peter's draft here and here. Peter's script was also featured in the book, The 50 Greatest Films Never Made.

Andy Diggles' Peter Briggs Interview

July 18, 2002 (General News)
Several years ago Andy Diggle did a fantastic interview with Peter Briggs. We've located the full text and have reprinted it here.

All the Palisades Info you can shake a stick at!

July 10, 2002 (General News)
Here's all the news weve got on Palisades Marketing:

Shop Page

July 9, 2002 (General News)
Looking for some excellent Aliens and Predator goodies to take home? Click here to check it out and see all the exclusive stores we've added!

Don't know what to get the Aliens fan in your life? How 'bout a replica of Frost's "Peace Through Superior Firepower T-Shirt" featuring an early sketch of the Pulse Rifle by Aliens' director James Cameron himself? Fan Mike Creager has 'em for sale, as well as a bunch or rare patches (Bug Stomper, Colonial Marines, etc.) from the films! So shoot him an email, gear up, and let 'em know you heard about 'em on!

If you're looking for a general assortment of Aliens goodies, The Intergalactic Trading Company has a great selection and some occasional discounted sales.

Finally, check out The Best Case Scenario, for one amazing new Giger/Alien themed site with some great computer cases to offer!

New Aliens and Predator Sculptures and Models

July 2, 2002 (Models News)
Looking to add an Alien or Predator to your collection. Check out this latest batch of goodies:

New Aliens Sites

June 20, 2002 (General News)
You may have noticed a new botton over there to the right, well, that's 'case Andy Cretney has done it again: a fantastic new site called Planet Alien! So what are you waiting for? Quit reading this and click on over! Be sure to also check out Andy's amazing Musing's From the Jockey's Chair site for a unique and extremely well designed look at the Space Jockey from Alien.

Great work Andy!

Colonial Marine and Weyland-Yutani T-Shirts for Sale

May 26, 2002 (General News)
Shirt maker Jeremy Birch has just let us know he's upgraded the design of his custom Weyland-Yutani shirts! Also available in white! Check 'em out by clicking on the above links, and if you're interested in picking some up, click on Jeremy's name above!

Aliens and Predator Goodies @ Monsters in Motion

February 28, 2002 (General News)
Monsters in Motion has just expanded their Aliens & Predator section. They're you'll find:

Video Game Round-Up

February 1, 2002 (Toys/Games News)
Here's some non AvP Aliens Universe games:

Aliens Duke Nuke'em Total Conversion!
Aliens: Thanatos Encounter

For you Mac addicts (like us) we're happy to announce Macplay has ported both games for Macintosh users. Please support the Mac gaming community, if you plan on purchasing this game, you can pre-order Aliens versus Predator II here!

Also for you Mac fans, if you're looking for a cool little Aliens related desktop icon, you can download a pretty neat one from this site.

You can check out the new AvP 2 from GamePro demo by clicking here! If you're looking for Prima's official strategy guide, try here!

Some of the official sites for Aliens vs. Predator 2 are up here and at this link and this link!

Video game maker Electronic Arts is slated to publish several Fox titles including the upcoming Aliens: Colonial Marines for Playstation 2 and X-Box. Click here for a little more information.

And if games are your thing, there's a ton of more news over at!

Collecting At All Ages

January 14, 2002 (General News)
This article from the Minneapolis Star Tribune gives a little insight into the world of collecting. Thanks to The Force.Net for the scoop!

New Predator Website

December 17, 2001 (General News)
Predator Hunter, Scott Baker, just sent in this link to his promising Predator website.

Good luck Scott!

Aliens Fan Fiction

October 29, 2001 (General News)
Check out Bullion's Scripts for a two-partscreenplay based loosely on the Earth Wars novel series.

Amazing New Flame Unit Replica

October 24, 2001 (Models News)
Some folks over at Dan Short's replica board are putting together what looks like an amazing new replica of the seldom found Flame Unit from Aliens. Check out this message thread for more info!

USCM Fanfilm

September 7, 2001 (General News)
Got an email from Tony M. in the Illinois area, who's working on a USCM fanfilm. Anyone who's interested in helping out, feel free to email him at the link above. Tony would also like to know if anyone can help provide props for the film; Pulse Rifles, uniforms, etc...

1979 Twentieth Century Fox 'Alien" Exhibition

August 29, 2001 (Props News)
Some of us have heard about it, but only a few of us were fortunate enough to be there in person. Lucky for us, our very own staff member and webmaster Hans Kim has graciously decided to share with us photos from the big event.

What are we talking about? In 1979 Fox set up an exhibition at The Museum of Science and Industry (now the California Science Center) in downtown LA celebrating the release of Alien. On display were several artifacts from the movie including the Space Jockey, Narcissus, Narcissus Shuttle Bay and the Nostromo. In the coming weeks we're gonna share Hans' photos with you all. To kick off this amazing find here, is a photo of the creature that started it all, the Space Jockey. Here's an additional one from the collection.

Here's some amazing close-up shots of the Nostromo model as it looked in 1979:

Here, is Nostromo photo 1, here's 2, here's 3, and here's 4.

Hans has also brought us some wonderful detail shots of the Narcissus model as it looked in 1979:

Here, is Narcissus photo 1, here's 2, and here's a look at the Nostromo Shuttlebay. As an added bonus, we bring you this photograph of "mother!" Thank you so much for sharing Hans!

Way off topic: Life as a Guy

August 22, 2001 (General News)
We've got to admit, this one has NOTHING to do with Aliens, but we found it too good not to share. For every guy who's ever felt a little down on affairs of the heart, or hard pressed for a date, well, this little movie (#206) is for you. You'll need to download the file and open it only with Windows Media Player.

Aliens & Predator Collectible Magazine Source Found

August 18, 2001 (General News)
Those of you who really enjoy this site, especially the models, will probably get a kick out of this book from Thailand highlighting a slew of Aliens and Predator related kits alond with a small section on other Aliens related merchandise. Because so many of you asked, we found a source in Thailand for the collectible magazine discussed a few days ago. Just click here to send Wiwatchai an email and arrange cost and shipping!

Deck 36/HKSW Motion Tracker

July 21, 2001 (General News)
Deck 36 recently had the chance to show off a built-up Motion Tracker kit along with several other amazing goodies (from different propmakers) at the recent Sci-Fi Show in Plano Texas. Our own Scott Janish was there along with Gary Weaver showing off the latest in Alien detection technology. The incredible United States Colonial Marine HKSW Motion Tracker kit from Deck 36 is almost ready to ship - so click on the above links for more info or click here to send 'em an email!

Predator Posters for Sale

July 1, 2001 (General News)
Collector Al Landron has just let us know about a commercial reprint Alien movie poster he saw at Suncoast. If you're looking to order one online, you way wanna try here. Thanks Al!

Director Desires Alien vs. Predator: The Movie

June 14, 2001 (General News)
Well, we've all known this concept has been in development at Twentieth Century Fox for years and years, with a new rumor popping up now and then to peek our interest (remember the old Roland Emmerich rumors?). Well, if you're interested in finding out which big name director wanted to throw his hat in the ring for a shot, check out this article at out at Ain't-It-Cool-News!

Aliens: The Deluxe Edition Soundtrack

June 1, 2001 (Media News)
Got a ton of email on this one folks. Aliens: The Deluxe Edition Sountrack is now available from and other retailers. Collector Marc Cawiezel has this to report:

I found it at Walmart today for $13.88 on CD. Contains a 12 page booklet & released in 2001 by Varese Sarabande with 24 tracks total. Tracks 20-24 contain previously unreleased songs & they are variations/alternate versions of the music. I checked the soundtrack I bought earlier - it has only 19 tracks so this new one DOES contain 5 NEW ones! They are: Bad Dreams (Alternate), Ripley's Rescue (Percussion Only), LV-426 (Alternate edit-film Version), Combat Drop (percussion only) & Hyperspace (Alternate ending).


Wow, great news, thanks to Marc and MIBagent11!

New Predator Memorabilia Site

April 15, 2001 (General News)
Just for you Predator fans, Scott Baker has created an all new Predator section of this website. Gear up and head on over!

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