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So you wanna chat more about Aliens? Get some answers on where to find Pulse Rifles, Marine Armor and other goodies? Click away on these Aliens related message boards! If you know of any that should be here, just let us know!

Aliens/Predator Merchandise Discussions

The Hive Forum THE place to discuss all things Alien & Predator merchandise!

Aliens Legacy One of the best and oldest online and irl Alien communities.

General Aliens and Aliens vs. Predator Discussions

Alien Experience Visit the awesome forums Alien Experience has to offer fans of the franchise.

AvP Galaxy Forums Another fantastic Aliens community with an active Aliens and Predator forum.

AvPWorld Forum Check out the discussion center over at AvPWorld.

Aliens vs. Predator Forum General Aliens and Predator discussion!

Collecting Related Message Boards

The Replica Prop Forum One of the internet's largest communities for movie props, replicas, costumes, and models.

The Clubhouse Online community for model builders, sculptors and collectors.

Starship Modeler One amazing resource.

Eagle Transporter A place to discuss all things Space 1999, British Sci-Fi, and much, much more!

Statue Forum The place to discuss statues, busts, Sideshow, and more!

Sideshow Collectors All things Sideshow!

Resin Illuminati Models.

Movie Manicas Forums A great place to discuss Movie Maniacs.

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