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Weekend News


Sideshow Predator Berserker Maquette!

NECA Predators Series 13 Renegade Predator video review!

Predator Bank!

HCG Colonial Marines APC!

Bronze Chestburster!

The Alien Nostromo EVA Pistol!

Alien stills gallery!

Aliens: Weapons & Action!

Aliens: Powerloader vs. Queen!

NECA Big Chap


At io9 here!

Alien Five & More


Mortal Kombat Predator video tease!

Predator Bank at Monsters in Motion!

Den of Geek has a few more details on Alien Five!

Stasis Tube Prop Replica & More


One of a kind stasis tube replica here!

Super7 Slime Green Alien here!

Private Frost's jacket here!

Behind the Scenes of Aliens & More


Monster Legacy has an excellent series of in-deprth articles and photo galleries on the making of Alien, Aliens and more.

Speaking of, check out I'm Rubber, You're Glue The True Story of an 80s Monster Maker!

Strange Shapes takes a look at The Translucent Alien.

Fire & Stone sequel on the way?

Action Figure Insider video interview with Diamond Select!

Red Letter Media takes on Alien! (tks Q.!)

Aliens News You Can Use


Herocross Hybrid Metal Figuration AvP Scar Predator.

Alien Isolation 2?

What if we could control the Alien?

Full Size Alien Warrior and More


Film Franchises Shouldn't Be Afraid of the Rewind Button.

Predator behind-the-scenes.

AvP Galaxy has the scoop on Alien Interactive!

Full size Aliens Warrior from Hollywood Collectibles!

Alien 5 and More


NECA Alien Solar Powered Knocker.

Metallic Alien ReAction Figure.

NECA teases Alien: Isolation Xeno!

Aliens at Diamond Select!

Predator 2 Spear Tip and Engineer bust at Roswell!

The Alien Monster model kit!

Alien 5 and More


Scott and Cameron's Alien 5.

Weaver talks Alien 5.

AvP spaceship model kit!

Original Alien: Isolation pitch and footage!

Weyland-Yutani Report collector's edition!

New Alien book Bug Hunts?

Tks. Q!

Hiya Powerloader


Photos of Hiya Toys Powerloader are now online.

Alien Funnies.

io9 takes a look at How to Make a Cohesive (and Compelling) Alien Cinematic Universe.

Somebody Wake Up Hicks


Michael Biehn contacted about Alien Five.

Watching Aliens for the first time with a bunch of kids.

Aliens News You Can Use


Remastered Alien soundtrack.

Titan Books exclusive Alien Archive Ridley Scott Edition and Sigourney Weaver edition!

NECA's 1/4 scale Alien at Entertainment Earth?

Blomkamp talks Alien Five at EW and clarifies his comments on series continuity.

Thanks Q.!

Blomkamp Talks Alien 5 as Sequel to Aliens


"I want this film to feel like, like it is literally the genetic sibling of Aliens. So it's "Alien," "Aliens," this movie."

Hollywood Collectibles Aliens Dog Tags now available at Big Bad Toy Store!

Predator Mortal Combat X DLC?

Weaver talks Alien Five on the Tonight Show!

Monsters in Motion also has NECA's 1/4 scale Big Chap and Powerloader!

Board Game Geek has the scoop on Legandary Encounters Predator Edition!

Thanks Q.!

Alien Five & More


Variety and the LA Times dish on Neill Blomkamp and Alien Five.

Alien fans react to news of a new film!

NECA's 1/4 scale Big Chap, Powerloader and Comic Book Predator at Entertainment Earth!

Toy Fair Update


Glowing Alien Slime and Army Men style Colonial Marines coming soon from Diamond Select!

Preorder NECA's new 1/4 scale Big Chap figure at Big Bad Toy Store here!

While you're there, check out this facehugger bottle opener and NECA's new Powerloader!

David Cronenberg talks Alien here!

and takes a look at all of NECA's Toy Fair offerings here!

David Woodruff talks Alien 5 and more here!

Weaver talks Blomkamp's vision here!

NECA takes a look at their own offerings here!

Pixel Dan takes us on a video tour of NECA's booth on YouTube here!

Coming Soon looks at more of Diamond Selects new Aliens items here!

NECA's Dark Horse Comic style Predator here!

Big Mama Weekend Update


David Woodruff, son of Tom Woodruff Jr. recently completed this stunning concept make-up test based on Neill Blomkamp's proposed Alien 5 artwork. He talks more about the project at The Terminator Fans here! just posted this first look at NECA's new Aliens style Ripley headsculpt!

NECA's Queen at ThinkGeek!

Digital Fire & Stone sale at Dark Horse here!

Sideshow Space Jockey maquette at Monsters in Motion and The Big Bad Toy Store!

Send your kids to school with this Predator Lunch Box!

Terry Rawling's original editing script for Alien!

Walt Simonson reflects on Alien: The Illustrated Story!

Sigourney Weaver interested in Blomkamp's pitch! More here!

Space Jockey Maquette

New Sideshow Maquette and More


Sideshow has just posted info for its new Giger Space Jockey maquette!

Stunning modded Alien: Isolation screenshots! (thanks Q.!)

Up Close with NECA's Ripley and More


Nick Runge Alien art at HCG!

io9 looks at NECA's Ripley & Jones figures!

"How To" Alien: Isolation video.

New Alien Soundtrack and More


Fun Megan Kelly Alien art prints!

Mondo gearing to release Alien sountrack?

Mondo Alien Print and More


Tyler Stout A L I E N print info now up on Twitter! (thanks Ryan!)

Predator Blade Fighter vehicle at the Big Bad Toy Store!

NECA's just announced Alien 3 video game appearance figure pre-order up at Monsters in Motion and BBTS!

Kaiyodo's amazing Sofubi Alien up for pre-order as well! They also have the Revoltech Alien as well!

PC Gamer takes a look at the making of Alien: Isolation!

What Prometheus could have been!

Stunning New Warrior Toy & More


io9's Toybox blog takes a look at this stunning new Alien Big Chap Figure from Kaiyodo, as well as Hollywood Collectibles studio scale Powerloader!

While you're there, check out this archive of vintage A L I E N photos!

Predator and Alien Queen bottle openers! (tks Q.!)

Prometheus Fire & Stone trade paperback at Amazon!

Aliens Fire & Stone trade paperback at Amazon!

AvP Fire & Stone trade paperback at Amazon!

Predator Fire & Stone trade paperback at Amazon!

Thanks Q.!

Aliens Lunchboxes & More


Aliens Colonial Marines lunchbox at both Monsters in Motion and The Big Bad Toy Store!

A L I E N vintage "distressed" style lunchbox at both Monsters in Motion and The Big Bad Toy Store!

Brett's Nostromo hat prop replica here!

HCG's studio scale Power Loader is also available for pre-order at MiM and Big Bad Toy Store!!

Outside the Box Alien Minimates video review here!

Chestburster: Anatomy of a Scene video here!

Stunning Derelict Juggernaut papercraft here!

Ichiban Lego!

Thanks Q.!

Studio Scale Powerloader


Hollywood Collectibles has just posted ordering information for the first first true licensed "studio scale" Aliens replica: the Powerloader. The HCG exclusive version also comes with this fantastic blueprint!

Also available for pre-order from Big Bad Toy Store!

Nostromo and Weyland-Yutani hats available at Last Exit to Nowhere!

Weekend News


io9 takes a look at NECA's latest Predator figure here!

City Hunter Video Game Predator here and Aliens Series 3 at Monsters in Motion!

Giger Diaries Hardcover!

Alien Minimates!

ADI's latest behind-the-scenes video here! ( Thanks Q.!)

Predator Ornament & More


3D printing an Alien Xenomorph costume here!

Chris Garofolo 35th Anniversary Alien print here!

New HR Giger documentary!

Nothing says Christmas like a Predator ornament from Hallmark! (tks Q!)

New From NECA


Alien: Isolation fan film!

Ridley talks Prometheus and Blade Runner sequels here!

Creative Assemble interview at AvP Galaxy!

Predator 2 City Hunter figure at Big Bad Toy Store!

Alien figures at Big Bad Toy Store!

Prometheus: Omega trailer!

Thanks Q.!

New From NECA


NECA's facehugger has a little secret!

NECA Blade Fighter review!

Blade Fighter packaging preview!

Thanks Q.!

Aliens Minimates Preorder


You can now pre-order Diamond Select's Aliens minimates at Entertainment Earth here!

NECA Aliens series 3 here!

Hot Toys AvP Angel


Hot Toys AvP inspired Hot Angel figure here!

Alien Rage inspired shoes here!

Sideshow Space Jockey Maquette & More


Sideshow previews their new Space Jockey Maquette here!

Comicbookgirl19 reviews Prometheus on YouTube here!

Speaking of, Jon Spaihts talks the Prometheus that never was here!

Neil Blomkamp's Alien Sequel


Concept Art for Neil Blomkamp's Alien film here!

Happy Holidays


NECA has created a complete downloadable visual guide to their Predator figures here!

Complete Alien: Isolation mini art book here!

Comic Book Resources takes a look at AvP Fire and Stone here!

Power Loader, Pulse Rifle, and Motion Tracker art patent prints (tks Q.!)

Deal on above!

The rare location of Alien: Isolation here!

NECA vs. McFarlane Queen comparison video here!

Funko ReAction Aliens Queen


Funko announces new ReAction figures incuding an Aliens Queen.

Hiya Toys Aliens: Colonial Marines Lurker for sale at Big Bad Toy Store.

Gentle Giant Silver and Gold 35 Anniversary limited edition statues!

Alien 35th Anniversary Pinball & More


Alien 35th Anniversary pinball available in Standard and Limited Editions! (thanks Mike1)

Super7 adds ANOTHER Alien Vinyl variant here.

Win Alien: Isolation DLC at PC Gamer here!

More on those new limited edition Gentle Giant statues! (tks Q!)

Download the complete Alien: Isolation comic here!

Gentle Giant Gold Vac Edition


Gentle Giant 24" Alien Vintage Jumbo figure Gold Vac Edition review here!

Get to Know Your Xenomorph print at Gallery 1988!

Path of the Predator print at Gallery 1988!

William Hope interview here! (tks Q!)

Super cheap Alien Anthology/Prometheus bundle at Amazon here!

Jones art print at Society6!

Posters & More


Phase 3 of the Alien Poster Posse Project here!

Alien at Hero Complex Gallery!

Alien: Isolation motion tracker guide here! (tks Q!)

Alien: Isolation podcast! (tks Q!)

NECA Aliens Queen at Big Bad Toy Store!

Arcade Sushi at NECA here!

Alien Poster Project


Alien Poster Posse Project here!

The Verge takes an in-depth look at the work of custom figure creator Dayton Allen! (tks Q.!)

AvP Galaxy reviews River of Pain!

Kotobukiya Alien ArtFX


Coming soon!

Lego Sulaco and More


PixelDan reviews NECA's Alien 3 Dog Alien figure here!

Lego Sulaco!

Hiya Toys Colonial Marine Powerloader!

Vintage Ad and More


Vintage Alien 3 VHS ad here!

Tom and Alec of ADI talk SFX and VFX here!

Thanks Q.!

Weekend Update


New at Monsters in Motion: Predator 2 soundtrack and NECA's Series 4 figures!

Commando John Matrix Hot Toys figures! Also available at Sideshow Toys!

Cool Props Predator Guard mask here!

A L I E N trailer in the style of Dead Space!

Ellen Ripley Christmas carss!

New @ Big Bad Toy Store


Herocross Hybrid Metal Figuration Predator here!

Play Arts Kai 11" Predator here! (thanks Q!)

NECA Alien sets here!

Facehugger Bottle Opener and More


Available from Diamond Select Toys here!

How Alien: Isolation can ruin a marriage here! (thanks Q!)

New Alien: Isolation DLC announced here!

Monday Updates


A L I E N ice cube trays at Entertainment Earth!

NECA Alien Series 4 figures including Ripley and Dallas here!

The typography of Alien here! (thanks Q!)

A New Book & More


A L I E N coming soon from BFI Film Classics!

Alien: River of Pain previews and excerpts here, and here! (thanks Q!)

NECA Ripley Nostromonaut preview here!

Alien Titans!

Even More Gobble Gobble


A Christmas bug hunt t-shirt at RIPT here!

Cracked visits the spfx wizards at ADI here! (thanks Q!)

Don't Forget a Towel takes an in-depth look at NECA's all new Kane figure here!

Gobble Gobble


Looking for the perfect gift the dog owning Alien fan in your life? Check out this Facehugger leash! (thanks Jason!)

Comic Book Resources previews Prometheus Fire and Stone issue 4 here, as well as the final issue in the series, Fire & Stone Omega! (thanks Q!)

Walter Hill Interview


Strange Shapes has an excellent interivew with Alien series producer and writer Walter Hill here!

Original Alien Props for Sale


Monsters in Motion has several original movie props for sale including wardrobe from Alien 3, Alien vs. Predator and more on their site here!

Minimates & More


New Aliens Minimates at Big Bad Toy Store here!

Aliens series 2 Reaction figures at Super7 here!

NECA Queen Video Review


Check it out here!

The Rage War


A three nolce epic from Tim Lebbon. More info here! (tks Q.!)

Alien: The Adora Files fan film!

Toy News in-hand imagery of NECA's Aliens Queen!

NECA Alien solar powered bobble head!

Alien Facehugger leash at Bloody Disgusting!

3D printing an Alien costume at Bloody Disgusting!

News You Can Use


Writer Alex de Campi talks Archie Meets Predator here! (tks Q.!)

Super7 Soft Alien Vinyl at Big Bad Toy Store!

Weekend Update


NECA takes a closer look at their 7" Alien 3 Dog Alien figure here!

Alien pint glass set!

Thursday Update


Super7 Alien soft vinyl figure pre-order here!

"The Other Hicks!

"Escape from LV-426" at here!

SuperWomen of the 80s here!

Big Mama Update


Strange Shapes takes a look at the drone distinction here!

Predator Series 13 at Entertainment Earth!

NECA's "Facehugger Friday" takes a look at Bishop here!

Funko Blind Box Mystery Minis here!

Outside the Box Reviews takes a look at several Predator figures on their YouTube channel here!

NECA's Kyle Windrix talks Xenomorphs here!

Titan Books Alien: The Archive Collector's Edition here!

Alien Encounter 2014 here!

Thanks Q.!

Giger Film & More


Check out the trailer for Dark Star - HR Giger's World on YouTube!

Predators at Big Bad Toy Store!

Neil Marshall on Alien


Filmmaker Neil Marshall talks Alien memories at LA Times here!

Predator Exclusive and More


Strange Shapes has a new article here on redesigning the chestburster and facehugger for Aliens!

Glow-in-the-Dark Predator ReAction 3 3/4-Inch Retro Figure at Entertainment Earth!

Predator Camo t-shirt at 80s Tees!

Halloween Updates


Dan Mumford silk screened Predator print and variant at Dark Ink Art!

NECA Bad Bloods Predators at BBTS!

POP! Alien and Predator!

Halloween Updates


Happy Halloween from the team at Alien: Isolation!

NECA Kane figure preview here and 1:4 scale Alien here!

Strange Shapes has Sigourney talking Alien in this vintage interview!

Colonial Marine poster at Dark Ink Art! (tks Q.!)

Monday Updates


Custom Lego Dropship Kickstarter Campaign!

Alien: Isolation Corporate Lockdown DLC!

Why Alien: Isolation deserves to be as influential as the movies!

Ridley Scott talks Prometheus while Noomi talks Prometheus 2!

Predator 2 bust at Big Bad Toy Store!

Alien: Isolation photo set! (tks Q.!)

AvP Fire & Stone issue 2 preview! (tks Q.!)

Cameron talks Avatar sequels and more here!

Errant Signal on Alien: Isolation!

Monday Updates


ADI's Tom Woodfruff interview at the Vancouver Sun!

Drive-thru chestburster prank!

Vintage Alien interviews! (tks Q.!)

Predator 2 Legendary Scale Bust at Monsters in Motion!

NECA's Alien Queen in packaging!

Thursday Updates


Oculus Rift and Alien: Isolation!

Mondo Alien print!

Jumbo size NECA scalers!

Alien: The Archive at Amazon!

Ridley Scott Interviews at Amazon!

Thanks to Eileen for the scoop!

Comic Preview


Comic Book Resources take a look at AvP: Fire & Stone issue 2 here!

Thanks to Q for the scoop!

Aliens Art Show


Hero Complex Gallery is currently running a show called Imagined Worlds featuring art from Aliens among it's collecton!

Terry Rawling's original editing script for Alien.

Alien: River of Pain.

Thanks Q!

Alien: Isolation Tips, News & More


Polygon says Alien: Isolation has the best woman protagonist since Alien.

Alien: Isolation walkthrough.

How authentic is Alien: Isolation?

Making AvP.

Explore iconic movie spacesuits.

Alien Makers part VI!

Cameron & Hurd @ Terminator screening.

Predator ReAction figure at Entertainment Earth!

Alien: Isolation Art & More


Kotaku takes a look at the art of Alien: Isolation here, as well as a video tour of the Nostromo here!

Midweek News Updates


Couldn't make it down to Comic-Con for Super7's TOO RARE Alien exclusive egg chamber playset? Big Bad Toy Store has the blue box version in stock here!

Visit LV-426 t-shirt at Think Geek! Also avaialbe: Nostromo Crew and Wey-Yu here!

Predator camo t-shirt here!

Alien: Storm and Alien full size print!

Thanks Jim!

NECAs Nostromonaut Figure


Tested takes an in-depth look at NECA's Nostromo figures here!

Friday News & More


NECA Alien Queen at Comic-Con here and here!

Alien: The Archive available for pre-order at Monsters in Motion!

Alien Quadrilogy Calendar at Think Geek here!

Sigourney Weaver reflects on Alien here!

Alien: Isolation News & More


Predator vs. Dredd vs. Aliens reviewed here!

Alien Anthology Nostromo Edition!

Kotaku's tips for playing Alien: Isolation here!

AvP Fire and Stone issue 1 reviewed here!

Aliens Fire and Stone issue 2 previewed here!

Possible new Dark Horse AvP series teased here!

Alien: Isolation concept art here, here, and here!

Weaver talks Alien: Isolation at The Guardian here,

Classic Alien and Aliens video game reviewed here and here!

Thanks to Q. and Jason!

Weekend News


Incredible Illustrated history of Don Post Studios book here!

Nothing says Christmas like an Alien ornament from Hallmark!

Kotaku reviews Alien: Isolation here!

News You Can Use


Amazing pics behind the scenes of A L I E N here!

New Funko Reaction figures at Monsters in Motion!

Speaking of, expensive vinyl exclusive here!

Upcoming Propstore auction to include several original props and costumes from the Alien series here!

Alien: A Biomechanical Symphony here!

Alien: Isolation here! (thanks Q!)

Big Mama Update


Lots of news to get through, so let's just jump right in:

Predator Fire & Stone trailer!

Xenomorph's out of Prometheus 2!

Cameron and Hurd to screen Terminator in LA with Arnold!

Propstore to auction original Aliens Queen puppet here, along with Vickers' Escape Pod! Hadley's Hope vehicle for sale directly from their website!

SH Monsterarts AvP Wolf Predator here!

NECA's Bad Blood Predator reviewed here!

Alien: Isolation Misdirection trailer here! Survivor Mode gameplay video here!

Nothing says Christmas like a Xenomorph hanging from the tree here!

More A L I E N Polaroids here!

Dark Horse Prometheus #2 and Epilogue issue preview here!

AvP Galaxy has the scoop on how to win some cool Alien: Isolation loot here!

Thanks Q!

Inside Universal's Halloween Horror Nights


Over at AvP Galaxy here!

Sunday Update


New Morbid Reports video.

AvP Galaxy has the exclusive on Alien: Isolation in Game Informer!

AvP Alien Queen restoration and on display at the Musée Miniature et Cinéma.

(tks Q. and Fred!)

The Art of John Alvin at Amazon. More info on the book at publisher Titan Books' site here.

Weekend Update


New Funko Alien figures announced.

Another great article at Strange Shapes!

Lance Henricksen interview!

How Will You Survive Alien: Isolation?

Funko figures also at BBTS.

Creating the Newborn.

(tks Q.!)

Odds n Ends


SOTA Toys Aliens chess pieces for auction here!

NECA Viper Predator up close!

Weyland-Yutani Report at Big Bad Toy Store!

Strange Shapes take on The Meat Locker!

(tks Q.!)

Original Aliens Props & Costumes Auction


Check out several jaw-dropping artifacts from Alien and Aliens in Propstore's catalog!

HR Giger Revealed DVD!

News Updates


Photos from the interior pages of Insight Collectible's The Weyland-Yutani Report are now up at Sideshow and Insight here!

Stunning custom Kane figure here!

Alien polaroids!

Thanks to Q. for the above!

Colonial Marines Fallout Continues



More at Kotaku here!

News Updates


Rare Aliens AEF Designs Collectors Edition for auction on on eBay!

Join the Alien Revolt!

The Weyland-Yutani Report Collecters Edition.

News Updates


Sigourney Weaver talks Alien and Aliens at Jeff Goldsmith's Hero Complex podacst here!

Alien: Isolation impressions here!

Legendary Encounters reviewed here!

Alien Flamethrower video feature as part of Prop Store's live auction here!

Thanks to Carlo and Q for the above!

News Updates


Insight Collectibles Weyland-Yutani Report Collectors Edition at Big Bad Toy Store!

Aliens Legendary Scale Bust also at BBTS!

News You Can Use


Aliens egg bank available at Monsters in Motion.

Incredible Dropship flight simulator.

The life of Bolaji Badejo Strange Shapes!

Odds 'n Ends


Amazon's Alien: Isolation pre-order now included copy of exclusive Dark Horse "Universe of Terror". (tks Q.!)

NECA Closer Look: Predator Enforcer Series 12 action figure.

Glow in the Dark 24" Alien Warrior now only $449 at Monsters in Motion!

Same price on the regular figure as well!

Alien: Isolation Cinematic trailer!

Odds 'n Ends


Dark Horse's "Universe of Terror". (tks Q.!)

More Dark Horse here. (tks Q.!)

Glow in the Dark 24" Alien Warrior here!

Alien: Isolation Gamescom footage!

Hiya Toys at Big Bad Toy Store!

Alien: Isolation Improvise trailer!

SEGA Tentaively Approves $1.25 Million Aliens: Colonial Marines Settlement


More at IGN here.

Link Round Up


Alien: Isolation Will Not Be Unrelentingly Oppresive! (tks Q.!)

Nor will it be Aliens: Colonial Marines!

Ridley Scott Interviews! (thanks to Eileen for the scoop!)

All New Hicks Story


An all new tale featuring everyone's favorite Colonial Marine will appear in the next issue of Dark Horse Presents!



Who Made the Engineers?

Legendary Encounters Alien deck card game art. (tks Q.!)

Alien: Encounters Halloween with original Aliens props on display!

Cool Nostromo art.

Comic Book Girl reviews Aliens!

The throwaway line in Aliens that spawned decades of confusion.

NECA Ahab Predator review!

AvP Halloween Horror Nights!

Hot Toys upcoming Predator 2 Elder Predator!

Ripley t-shirt at Ript!

New Dark Horse Aliens comics for preorder at Westfield!

Colonial Marines Lawsuit and More


Gearbox talks Aliens: Colonial Marines lawsuit.

Funko Sci-Fi Mystery Minis! Check out a picture here!

Alien Anthology Giger Tribute Edition and More


Giger Tribure Edition Anthology Blu-ray!

Speaking of Japan Blu-rays, Alien 35th Anniversary Edition. (tks Q.!)

Hot Toys Samurai Predator review!

44 Things You Probably Didn't Know About the Alien Movies!

Super7 Deep Space Eggs still available.

Super7 Playset at Big Bad Toy Store.

Alien: Isolation pre-order at Gamestop.

Three World War cover art print! More here!

John Bolton artwork!

A L I E N 35th Anniversary screening in Miami!

Odds 'n Ends


Kaiyodo's Mega Sofubi Advance Alien!

The Art of Alien: Isolation.

A call from Weyland Industries!

Prometheus black goo explained!


Funko Predator video review.

Even More News!


HCG's Smart Gun promo image!

NECA product walk-through with Randy Falk!

Super7's Brian Flynn talks Alien playest and ReAction figures!

Ahab Predator video review! (thanks Q!)

A L I E N 35th Anniversary DVD motion poster!!

Alien: Revolt and More


Comic-Con photos and more at Alien: Revolt.

Round 2's Alien Queen model kit cancelled.

Hot Toys Ripley and Ripley in Powerloader@ ACGHK.

AvP Galaxy looks at NECA figures and more, as well as new artwork for the upcoming Prodos miniatures AvP game!

Adam Savage @ Comic-Con


Yahoo!TV takes a look at Mythbusters host Adam Savage's amazing Nostromo costume!

Weyland-Yutani Report Collectors Edition


Coming this December from Insight Collectibles!

Officialy Licensed Smart Gun replica and more


State of the bad ass art: officialy licensed Aliens Colonial Marine Smart Gun replica preview at Comic-Con!

Hot Toys AvP figures on display at Ani-Con and Games Hong Kong!

Morbid Reports incredible scratch built EEV!

New A L I E N 50's B-Movie inspired art print!

Second A L I E N variant print also available!

The fine folks at AvP Galaxy look at SDCC Merch!

Pre-order your black box Super7 Egg Chamber playset here!

Alien: Isolation @Comic-Con!

(if any of you happen to score any extra Isolation promo bags or comics and feel sorry for your poor webmaster here, give us a shout ;)

Alien: Isolation "The Cast of Alien" and more


Alien: Isolation's latest video features the cast of Alien.

Super7 SDCC Bling bag opening.

Hollywood Collectible's Gallery Studio Scale Powerloader.

New Hot Toys A L I E N Ripley and Aliens Ripley with Powerloader here!

Fundraiser for a Friend


Our close friend Frank Cerney tragically lost his daughter Danielle last week due to medical related illness. Some of you may know Frank's stunning modelling work as well as being the creator of this fantastic Aliens Stasis Tube replica - and for being an all around good guy. Recently a GoForward donations page has been set up to help care for Danielle's four young children, please give it a visit if and when you can.

Our heart goes out to you amgio, prayers and thoughts are with you and your family.

The Alien Diaries


Santa Monica, CA - Entertainment studio Section 9 Entertainment announced today their US-release of the book H.R. GIGER'S ALIEN DIARIES. 

The Alien Diaries (in German transcription with an English translation) show a little-known personal side of the artist H.R. Giger and offer an unusual, detailed glimpse into the making of a movie classic through the eyes of a Swiss artist. The book contains almost completely unpublished material, including drawings, Polaroids showing the monster coming to life, and several still shots from the plentiful film material that Giger took in Shepperton.  The book is released as a 660-page Hardcover,  with 48 b/w images  59 color images. 

It can be ordered via the website The website also features book trailer, comprised of book excerpts, as well as clips from Giger's personal 16mm documentary filmed during the making of "Alien." 

About HR Giger

H.R. (Hans Rudolf "Ruedi") Giger (February 5, 1940  May 12, 2014) was a Swiss surrealist painter, sculptor and set designer. 

Having designed and constructed many of the otherworldly elements, including the titular creature on Ridley Scott's seminal science fiction horror classic ALIEN, Giger was part of the special effects team that won an Academy Award for Best Achievement in Visual Effects for their design work. Giger was also inducted into the Science Fiction and Fantasy Hall of Fame in 2013.  

Giger's style and thematic execution were influential. His design for the Alien was inspired by his painting Necronom IV and earned him an Oscar in 1980. His books of paintings, particularly Necronomicon and Necronomicon II (1985) and the frequent appearance of his art in Omni magazine continued his rise to international prominence. Giger is also well known for artwork on several music recording albums.

The film ALIEN is currently celebrating its 35th Anniversary. 

About Section 9

Section 9 Entertainment, formed by Stephan Lokotsch and Dan LuVisi, is an Intellectual Property Development & Production company, with a variety of facets to its business, such as Development, Production, Art Department, Music, Interactive, Licensing & Merchandising, Publishing and more.  

Entering the Entertainment stage in 2010 to great fanfare, the company immediately set up their first project as a large-scale multi-platform deal with Paramount Pictures and is currently in active development on a number of other film, tv and game properties.  

In 2013, the company expanded its operations via numerous new divisions. It's in-house Publishing Division was launched in the spring of 2014. 

THE ALIEN DIARIES is the first book project to be brought to market in the U.S. via the new in-house label, with numerous other books and graphic novel projects - both in print and electronic form, scheduled to follow.

A collaboration with the late, world renowned artist H.R. Giger has been ongoing for a number of years, with expansion plans for the US market in place for the 4th quarter of 2014 and beyond.  

Vintage Stan Winston Video Interview


Legendary creature creator Stan Winston talks Aliens, Terminator, Jurassic Park and more in this vintage YouTube clip!

Alien 3 The Gun Arcade for Sale


Friend of ours currently has their Alien 3: The Gun arcade for sale on Craigslist.

Super7 Update


Awesome news, Super7 just announced they're going to be making a black package version of their exclusive SDCC playest available to everyone.

Aliens Queen Arm Restoration


The original Queen arm from Aliens has been restored by Tom Spina Designs. Click here to check out some of their other Aliens related restoration projects!

Speaking of original props, check out more artifacts from the franchise over at the Science Fiction Archives!

Weaver talks Alien: Isolation here!

Alien: Isolation Steelbook Edition


Those of you in Australia can pre-order the exclusive Alien: Isolation Steelbook Edition complete with mini art book at EB Games!

Thanks to Quarax for the news!

Alien: Isolation Update & More


7" Game Predator at Big Bad Toy Store!

Want even MORE behind-the-scenes videos? Check out "When Aliens box sets are not enough!"

Hiya Toys review and pics!

Alien: Isolation Update & More


Alien: Isolation's Nostromo Crew DLC will eventually be available for everyone!

The Oatmeal takes on Aliens!

Alien: Isolation Nostromo Edition


Play as Ellen Ripley and the original crew of the Nostromo! Check out the trailer here.

Super7 Responds to SDCC Exclusive Criticism


Super7's own Brian Flynn responded to upset fans and collectors over at Rebelscum about the show exclusive io9 has declared must have.

Sunday Update


Nostromo Refinery kit now available!

Aliens cast: Where are they now?

Monster Maker Alec Gillis video interview here!

Super7 SDCC playset still limited to 250. Still sucks.

Big Mama Weekend Update


Lego Aliens APC and Blade Runner Spinner available at Amazon!

Hot Toys Ancient Predator 2014 Toy Fair Exclusive.

NECA Aliens Queen Ultra Deluxe figure available at Entertainment Earth, Big Bad Toy Store, and Monsters in Motion.

James Moore interview at AvP Galaxy!

Aliens: Colonial Marines now only $5 in store at Five Below. In other news: still not worth it.

Alien Resurrection Chestburster & Victim Death tests.

(thanks Marc and Q!)

Here we go again: Super7 SDCC Exclusive Limited to Just 250 Sets


Welp, those of you hoping to score one of Super7's SDCC exclusive playsets may find it a little challenging as they've decided to limit the set to only 250 units. Not a typo. I'll repeat that again in case you missed it: 250.

I don't know who thought, "Hey, wouldn't it be cool if we made these even more hard to get then last year's exclusive? Let's just make 250," was a good idea, but lame.

Really, really lame.

You can read more about the set and limited numbers here.

Midweek Updates


Monsters in Motion has several new Aliens items for sale including Giger's 600 page Alien Diaries as well as NECA's just announced Aliens Queen!

Aliens movie discussion!

Original Aliens Pulse Rifle prop featured as part of an Empire Magazine article on Propstore!

SDCC Exclusives


Gentle Giant has a 24" Glow in the Dark Alien Warrior here! (note pre-order instructions.) You can check out an unboxing of the beast here! (thanks Q!)

More info on Super7's exclusives and playset here!

NECA Aliens Queen Revealed


NECA has finally revealed the much anticipated Queen and it is a stunner!

Pre-order info for this beast is now up at the Big Bad Toy Store here!

News Round Up


Chestburster plush on sale here!

Xenomorph plush on sale here!

Stunning large scale papercraft Dropship project here!

The Art of Alien: Isolation Limited Edition here!

Shane Black to direct next entry in Predator franchise here!

Aliens Minimates & More


Alien "Titan" Vinyl figures here!

Alien Minimates Box set here!

Fincher talks Alien 3 here!

Sideshow Predator Masked Hunter preorder


Predator - Masked Hunter Predator Legendary Scale(TM) Bust

Mid-Week News Round Up


New Alien: Isolation gamepaly trailer here!

Harbinger Down official trailer!

Weekend Update


Play Arts Kai Aliens Colonial Marine Lurker figure at Entertainment Earth and the Big Bad Toy Store!

Predator Legendary scale bust here!

APC preorder at Big Bad Toy Store here!

SH Monsterarts Big Chap here!

Alien: Isolation at E3 here! (tks Q!)

New game mode for Alien: Isolation here! (tks Q!)

Aliens LV-426 fan film here! (tks Q!)

Sideshow Classic Predator bust preview here! (tks Q!)

Warriors T-shirt!

Original Aliens Warrior head for sale!

Strange Shapes remembers HR Giger.

Massive Narcissus for sale.

Prometheus 2 speculation.

Alien knuckle ring.

Mid-Week News Round Up


Paul Reiser talks Aliens here!

ADI Alien cable rig test here!

ADI Predalien designs here! (tks Q!)

Preorder the Hollywood Collctibles APC here!

Cameron talks writing Avatar sequels here!

Tuesday News Round Up


The latest Morbid Flo video takes a look at AMT's Alien reissue kit here!

Preorder information for Hollywood Collectibles APC is now up on their site here!

Homemade Nostromo Destruction System! (tks Pascal!)

Monday News Round Up


NECA's 8 Bit Predator reviewed by From Pixels to Plastics!

Weaver talks Alien here and here!

Giger Memories! (tks Quarax!)

More SH Monsterarts Alien Big Chap pics here!

HCG Aliens APC


Hollywood Collectibles Group will soon be released a large scale Colonial Marine APC replica. You can check out a preview pic from this year's Wonderfest here!

Aliens Powerloader on etsy here! (tks Quarax!)

SH Monsterarts Alien Big Chap video review here! (tks Quarax!)

NECAs Ahab Predator and More


NECAs SDCC Exclusive here!

High quality Kenner Alien action figure commercial!

Alien: Isolation Podcast 4 released! (tks Quarax!)

News You Can Use


A L I E N: The Art of the Title!

1:9 Queen Model kit!

Alien: Isolation Podcast 4 released! (tks Quarax!)

Lego Aliens



Link Roundup


Predator Dillon model build up here!

New Aliens Queen art print seen here.

HR Giger Simpsonized here! (thanks Carlo)

15 things you didn't know about the Alien novelization here!

Ridley Scott scouting for Prometheus 2 here! (thanks Michael)

Game Over t-shirt here! (thanks Carlo)

Baby Predator cosplay photography here!

Link Roundup


Sith-fire 30 Creations is on fire!

Aliens Alien Warrior bust bank here.

Mark Cawiezel's collection at Jim Smash here!

Dark Horse "Fire and Stone" cover art preview here!

Renny Harlin and Alien 3 here!

Link Roundup


Prometheus: Incubating a Mythos.

Designing the clones of Alien: Resurrection on YouTube here.

SH Monsterarts Wolf Predator video here!

The most unforgettable creations of HR Giger.

Play as the Predalien in AvP: Evolution.

Creating the cast of Alien: Isolation.

HR Giger


With sadness we're sorry to report original Alien designer, artist, and Swiss Surrealist HR Giger has passed away.

Click here to learn more about the visionary artist and his work at his official website.

Mother's Day Links for Mom


NECA Classic 1:4 scale 18" Alien for sale here!

NECA's Alien 3 Dog Alien preview here!

Aliens cast fun in Calgary here!

Alien wood poster here! (thanks Niles)

Win a Machiko Noguchi at Sideshow here! (thanks Quarax)

Queen Sized Update


MPC Alien model kit reissue at Monsters in Motion now only $15.99 here!

Real world Pulse Rifle here!

Dark Horse AvP preview here!

A new update for Alien: Evolution here!

AvP Miniatures Game preorder info and photos here!

Thanks To Quarax for the above info!

Toy Reviews and More


Play Arts Kai Aliens: Colonial Marine Alien figures video review!

NECA Predator Final Fight 2-Pack video review here!

All four Hiya Toys A:CM Aliens Figures available for preorder at BBTS here!

New Week, New Update


The cast of Aliens recalls fond memories in Calgary!

Pulse Rifle bottle opener!

Hiya Toys Aliens figures!

Diamond Select's Aliens Minimates Video Preview


Check it out Here!

Weekend Update


Mondo releases, then recalls Prometheus poster.

Another look at SH Monsterarts Wolf Predator!

IGN takes a look at the levels of Alien: Isolation!

Odds 'n Ends


Alien: Resurrection behind the scenes here!

A vintage look at Alien War!

Kotaku and their hopes for Alien: Isolation!

Large Scale Nostromo Refinery & More


Dax Studio Models and South American Models are now offering large scale Nostromo Refinery models for collectors. Click here for one pic and here for another. Click here to send them an email for more information!

Dan Mumford's LV-426 art print seen at Wondercon is now available for purchase at Hero Complex here!

HR Giger Revealed documentary here!

Filming Scar Predator's first kill here!

Baby Predator Wins Wondercon!

News Update


Amazing 1:1 scale Aliens Queen head and arms for sale at Propstore here!

NECA tweets a preview of their Viper Predator here!

Alien: Isolation - the lo-fi of sci-fi here!

Stan Winston School behind the scenes of Cameron's Terminator here!

A handy guide to Facehugger removal!

News Update


Awesome Craig Drake Vasquez poster available at Hero Complex here!

James Cameron talks Aliens, Avatar, AvP, and more here!

Aliens Armageddon arcade video review here!

Predators Bad Blood Deluxe figure and Predator Blade Fighter now available for pre-order at The Big Bad Toy Store!

Speaking of the Blade Fighter Vehicle, NECA takes you behind the scenes here!

News Update


Vintage Dan O'Bannon interview at Strange Shapes!

A quick look at NECA's Predators Series 12 here!

Speaking of, Jungle Dutch review here!

Friday Update


ADI behind the scenes on AvP here!

AvP Galaxy has the scoop on Predator themed DLC for Call of Duty here!

StudioADI and Alien Rusurrection on cloning Ripley here!

Monday Update


Massive Space Jockey for sale (thanks Jim)!

Hot Toys revisiting Ellen Ripley and Colonial Marines?

Predator Extreme Head Knocker here!

Heavy armor Predator at Monsters in Motion here!

Aliens storyboards here!

io9 takes a look at Syd Mead's early work on the powerloader here!

Polar Lights Kane and Egg kit preview here!

Weekend Update


Studio ADI takes a look at creating Ripley clones 1 - 6 on their Youtube channel here!

Titan Books to publish The Art of Alien: Isolation here!

Hiya Toys Alien Lurker and Spitter here!

Amazing selection of Alien and Predators kits!

All new Morbid Reports video here!

Alien and more sci-fi shirts here!

Dark Horse Prometheus comic preview up at io9 here!

Mid-Week News Briefs


Vintage Ridley Scott interview talking Alien (thanks Alien Encounters).

Alien Quadrilogy wall calendar here!

SH Monsterarts Heavy Armored Wolf Predator!

Dark Horse AvP Back in the Hunt!

Speaking of, Dark Horse Predator preview here!

Alien: Isolation screenshots and interview with the game's designers.

The perfect gift for any young Alien fan.

News Briefs


Making Alien.

Aliens comic writer Chris Roberson interviewed at Comic Book Resources here!

Mini Aliens cast reunion at Texas Frightmare show here! (thanks Jason)

Prometheus Two & More


Sideshow's Big Chap bust, and SH Monsterarts Wolf Predator and Alien now available at Big Bad Toy Store.

An early look at Alien: Isolation.

Prometheus Two info here and here. (tks Samael!)

Thermal Dutch Reviewed


The Alley takes an in-depth look at NECA's "Thermal Vision" Dutch figure!

Sideshow Alien Big Chap Bust


Celebrating the 35th anniversary of Ridley Scott's sci-fi thriller Alien, Sideshow Collectibles is proud to present the long awaited Alien Big Chap Legendary Scale Bust.

One of the most recognizable creatures ever to stalk the silver screen, the Big Chap alien earned its nickname on the film set for its overwhelming size. Recreated in approximately 1:2 scale, this magnificent bust captures H.R. Giger's original bio-mechanical creature design in stunning detail. Sideshow's artists have faithfully rendered the xenomorph's distinctive head carapace with its signature glossy-wet appearance, and a semi-translucent surface reveals the haunting skull beneath. Incorporated into the base of the bust is a relief design of an alien egg and facehugger - a special nod to the rich film lore of the Aliens universe, and an accompanying themed film name plate completes the display.

The Alien Big Chap Legendary Scale Bust is an outstanding addition to any Xenophile collection...just keep it away from the cat.

Alien Big Chap Alien Legendary Scale(TM) Bust

Polar Lights Alien Queen


Pre-order info for the Polar Lights Queen is now up at Monsters in Motion here! While you're there, check out their complete list of Alien 35th Anniversary goodies.

Giger's Alien


Check out the original Giger's Alien documentary on YouTube here!

Weekend Update


Amazing Narin Predator kit for sale at Roswell Japan!

SH Monsterarts video review!

Aliens Cast Reunion & More


Sigourney Weaver, Michael Biehn, and a majority of the Aliens cast will be making an appearance at the Calgary Expo!

Predator helmet at The Big Bad Toy Store!

Alien franchise Behind-the-Scenes pics!

Mondo Alien and Aliens poster here!

Alien: Isolation "Creating the Alien" developer diary video here!

Legendary Scale "Big Chap" bust for sale at The Big Bad Toy Store here!

Quick Bites


Alien home movies!

A closer look at the original Nostromo here!

AEF Designs kits for sale!

Mind boggling Aliens Powerloader baby costume here!

Quick Bites


Hadley's Hope T-Shirt at Last Exit to Nowhere!

Video tour of Bob Burns' incredible collection!

Nostromo Self-Destruct poster at Last Exit to Nowhere here!

AvP Galaxy has the scoop on Alien: River of Pain!

Original Alien props for sale here!

Michael Biehn video interview here!

Weekend Link Storm


Battle Damaged and Original 1987 Predator mask prop replicas at Monsters in Motion!

Roger Christian talks Star Wars and Alien at Cinefex blog here!

Nostromo Self-Destruct poster at Last Exit to Nowhere here!

Super Punch has the scoop on Alien fan film inspired patches here!

Killer Alien and Predator art by Brian Taylor here!

OAFE takes a look at NECA's Craig Windrix figure here!

SH Monsterarts Predator preview here!

Predator Mask Prop Replica


Now available for preorder at The Big Bad Toy Store here!

Aliens: Colonial Marines pc download $1.99 at amazon here!

A Word of Warning... Funko's ReAction Figures


Given our excitement for Funko's ReAction figure line, we couldn't have been more thrilled when our shipment of the long-awaited figures finally arrived. Sadly our excitement turned to disappointment after opening the box to discover EVERY SINGLE blister card was damaged in some way: either warped, bent, or creased - and the seals around the plastic figure window look like they had been melted with a heat gun:

Even worse was Funko's customer service "reaction" to the damaged figures: basically, "we're not set up to handle this, it's a retailer issue." Initally our retailer told us there was little they could do as well, but after some back and forth - especially after informing them of Funko's respone, our account was partially credited. From what we understand, others experienced this issue as well, so we thought we'd let you all know before purchasing any of these blindly online. Buyer beware and all that...

Big Mama Update


Amazing Lego Sulaco Hangar bay here!

SH Monsterarts Predator reviewed here!

Free shipping on Gentle Giant's 24" Alien at Entertainment Earth here!

Big Mama Update


SH Monsterarts stunning Alien Big Chap figure is now available for preorder on Amazon here!

Win a Sideshow one sixth scale Celtic Predator at Bloody Disgusting here!

Big Tease Week for Alien: Isolation! A full report on the game can be found over at AvP Galaxy here!

Our friends at Geek Magazine have a great round up of upcoming Aliens collectibles here!

NECA's Wasp Predator reviewed at The Fwoosh here!

Weekend Update


sith_fire30's stunning custom Nostromo interior on Flikr here!

Author Brett Weiss' new book Retro Pop Culture features an entire chapter on Alien!

NECA Aliens Series 3 and Series 2 at Monsters in Motion!

NECA Predators on sale at the Big Bad Toy Store here!

Gentle Giant's 24" Alien Warrior can also be preordered from Monsters in Motion here!

Fox's 35th Anniversary Plans


Took a few personal days off ;) and then this happens!

And this!

More at Ain't It Cool here and Toy Ark here!

Take a tour of NECA's offerings with Randy Falk here!

Gentle Giant's 24" Alien Warrior can be preordered from the Big Bad Toy Store here!

(thanks to Pete, Ted, Lee, Ryan, and everyone else who sent this in!)

Pulse Rifle Bottle Opener


And Xeno head opener from Diamond Select on display at Toy Fair here!

New Week, New Links


Lego chestburster scene on YouTube!

5 things to know about Alien: Isolation.

Aliens: Slot Machine!

NECA Toyfair Preview and More


NECA unvelied a ton of preview figures for 2014 including a Powerlaoder, Bishop, Kane, Dallas, Dog Alien, Predator ship and more. Clik here for the Aliens line and here for the Predator line at!

Derelict ship model kit at Monsters in Motion!

SH Monsterarts preview at Toyark here!

Preorder information for NECA's Series 3 is now up at the Big Bad Toy Store here, and you can also preorder Predator Wave 16 here

Official information can be found here

Gentle Giant Jumbo Alien


Gentle Giant's large scale Alien figure is now available for pre-order here!

Thursday Links


Travel Channel goes behind the scenes at Gentle Giant and takes a look at the original 18" large scale Alien figure here!

SH Monsterarts Big Chap figure at Monsters in Motion here!

New Colonial Marines Warrior Figure


Now available at Big Bad Toy Store here!

A look at future NECA releases here!

AvP Galaxy looks at Alien: isolation here!

Massive Weekend Linkstorm


NECA Wasp Predator video review here!

The Ampule Room at Strange Shapes!

io9 takes a look at the new ReAction figures, available for preorder at Entertainment Earth here. There's a little more info at here! (tks Jeyl)

Aliens Armageddon arcade!

Original Pulse Rifle at Propstore!

SH Monsterarts Big Chap update at!

Thursday Link Round Up


SH Monsterarts Alien Big Chap figure here!

Xenomorph blanket here!

Sad news about Craig Windrix.

Wednesday Link Round Up


Alien "arms race" between NECA and Bandai here!

Battle Armor Lost Predator review!

Video Game Classic Predator at Monsters in Motion review!

Super cheap Aliens: Colonial Marines Collectors Edition at Gamestop here! (thanks Marc!)

Monday Morning Links


Alien: Out of the Shadow author Tim Lebbon has been interviewed here!

$11 black carded Alien Re-Action figure here!

Quick Hits


Strage Shapes takes a look at some little known Alien ending history here!

Eurogamer previews Alien: Isolation on YouTube here!

Predator 8 Bit Game Figure here!

NECA Video Game Predator


Classic video game Predator from NECA now available for preorder here!

Link Storm


Kit Guru talks Alien: Isolation here!

Cameron vs. Pinewood here!

Alien 3 Steelbook here!

Hot Toys Celtic Predator on sale at the Big Bad Toy Store here!

McFarlane Queen Playset auction here!

Link Storm


Harry Harris interview here!

Gaming Lives reflects on Aliens video games here!

Black carded Super7 ReAction Figure set at Entertainment Earth here!

While you're there, you may want to check out Predator Series 11 Armored Combat Lost Predator Action Figure here!

And the Wasp Predator here!

Halcyon Models Facebook page!

New Morbid Reports video here!

NECA Battle Armor Lost Predator reviewed here!

Predators "River Ghost" fx here!

News Round Up


Alien: Out of the Shadows reviewed here!

Aliens references in Aliens: Colonial Marines here!

Aliens Minimates up for pre-order here!

Super7 ReAction Figures


While we're still a little baffled by the black card backs, collector Eric had a question he asked us to post:

"Has anyone else who purchased the Super7 ReAction figures noticed that the alien "glow-in-the-dark" feature does not work? Am I the only one experiencing this problem?

Weekend News


A new Morbid Flo custom dog alien diorama video is up on YouTube here!

Aliens Minimates


First ever action figures of Burke, Spunkmeyer, Wierzbowski and more here!

Big Ol' News Round Up


Entertainment Earth has NECA's Predator 2 1:4 scale figures on sale here.

Speaking of, you can find their Series 11 Wasp Predator reviewed in-depth here.

Our friend Randy has put up a set of those vintage Kenner Aliens Space Bases from the UK up for auction here.

Elder Predator for sale at Monsters in Motion. While you're there, check out this clear Gort Predator figure kit. They have the Super7 Reaction figures available as well.

The Optical Podcast takes a closer look at Alien here.

NECA Predators Series 11 figures available individually or by the case at Big Bad Toy Store here.

Strange Shapes interviews ADI's Tom Woodruff Jr. here.

AvP Galaxy has the scoop on Alien: Isolation in PC Gamer magazine here.

io9 takes a look at the upcoming Dark Horse titles here.

Friday News Round Up


The official Alien: Isolation site has a full round up of all this week's press here.

The always excellent Strage Shapes delves deep into the inception, creation and execution of the Power Loader on their site here.

The Stan Winston School goes in-depth behind the scenes of the Queen takes Bishop attack here.

News Briefs


An exclusive Alien: Isolation here.

News on NECA Predators series 12 and 13 here.

Still no idea why the packaging is black though...???

News Briefs


Strange Shapes takes a look at Ridley Scott's ideas for Alien II here.

Entertainment Earth has the Aliens: Colonial Marines Spitter and Lurker on sale! While you're there, be sure and check out Super 7's ReAction figures here!

Still no idea why the packaging is black though...???

Alien: Isolation


Wow, okay, so many of you have flooded us with all the Alien: Isolation news, let's just get right to it.

The offical website can be found here.

William sent us this Ain't It Cool article complete with gameplay footage, behind the scenes videos, press releases, and more.

IGN breaks it all down for you here, and asks if this is the most authentic Alien game ever?

Over 18 videos to check out on the official Alien: Isolation YouTube channel here.

"Origins" developer diary here!

Kotaku takes a look at the game here!

Metro UK interviews the creative team here!

The UK's Playstation Access interviews the design team here!

Thanks to William, Jeyl, Strange Shapes, and everyone else for sending this in!

Quick Hits


AvP Galaxy has the scoop on new Alien: Isolation material including this screenshot as well as this quick description of the game:

"Discover the true meaning of fear in Alien: Isolation, a survival horror set in an atmosphere of constant dread and mortal danger. Fifteen years after the events of Alien, Ellen Ripleys daughter, Amanda enters a desperate battle for survival, on a mission to unravel the truth behind her mothers disappearance. As Amanda, you will navigate through an increasingly volatile world as you find yourself confronted on all sides by a panicked, desperate population and an unpredictable, ruthless Alien. Underpowered and underprepared, you must scavenge resources, improvise solutions and use your wits, not just to succeed in your mission, but to simply stay alive.

Speaking of video games, Gaming Lives takes a look at the history of Alien games here!

Original Prometheus Script


Film School Rejects takes a look at some of the story points explored and explained in the original Prometheus script here!

New Years Eve Updates


NECA's Predator Series 11 reviewed at Kastor's Korner here!

Hicks vs. Xeno 2-pack reviewed here!

35th Anniversary Alien packaged here!

Christmas Eve Updates


Happy holidays everyone - to kick things off, sit back and check out this Halo vs. Predator short on Vimeo!

Next up, Hot Toys has updated their site with all new pics of their now even *more* movie accurate Predator 2 figure here!

Jim Smash Alien Fun!

Finally, Dark Horse talks about the upcoming Aliens/Prometheus tie-in title here!

Predator at Monsters in Motion


Predator Series 11 action figure st and 19" tall 1:4 scale figure!

Inside Gibson's Alien 3


Newt and Hicks still alive? Believe it or not that was the original plan. Read all about it at the always excellent Strange Shapes here!

AvP Theme Park Attraction


Find the scoop over at Deadline!

Predator 3D


AvP Galaxy has the scoop on Fox's 3D release of Predator here!

Hot Toys New Predator 2 Elder Predator


Hot Toys continues their astonishing updates to previous classics, and their Elder Predator from Predator 2 is no exception. Click here for preordering information at Big Bad Toy Store.

Alien Isolation Screenshots


Four screenshots from the upcoming game can be found at AvP Galaxy here!

Alien Re-Action Figure BLACK packaging (?) and video Review


Black packaging??? More here!

News Round Up


The latest ADI video features How to Dress a Predator!

A new look at Alien 3 here!

Cool Alien Pics


No idea on the text, but cool pics here!

Creating the Queen


ADI creating the AVP queen on YouTube here!

New @ Big Bad Toy Store


Cool Props Guardian Predator mask prop replica here.

NECA Hudson vs. Alien 2-pack here.

Behind the Prometheus Viral Campaign


Watch at Ridley Scott's RSA Films here.

Sunday News You Can Use


Alien Head Metal Bottle Opener.

ADI building the AVP Mini Queen.

Sideshow's Predator gift guide.

Amazing custom built Space Jockey model (thanks SithFire30).

AvP miniatures Kickstarter Campaign.

Vintage Alien Toy Advertising


See inside Kenner's original promotional catalog here, their 1980 catalog here, a vintage HG Toys product catalog here, and even more original HG Toys Alien goodies here!

News Round Up


New Morbid Reports Chestburster latex restoration video on YouTube here!

Aliens: Armageddon gameplay can now be seen on YouTube here!

NECA's Hicks vs. Alien 2 pack on sale at the Big Bad Toy Store here!

Aliens cast Then & Now! Speaking of, here's a recent video interview with Cynthia Scott!

NECA Hicks vs. Aliens Review


Cejaman reviews the new NECA Hicks vs. Alien Warrior 2 pack on YouTube here!

New Aliens Arcade Game


From the makers of Aliens: Extermination comes... Aliens Armageddon!

Play Arts Kai @ Monsters in Motion


Play Arts Kai Lurker Figure!

Play Arts Kai Spitter Figure!

New From Entertainment Eearth


Play Arts Kai Lurker Figure!

Play Arts Kai Spitter Figure!

NECA Predator 1:4 scale 3 figure set!

Alien Magazine Collection


A huge collection of Alien related magazines along with some pictures of their contents can be found here!

Friday News Round Up


Aliens Miniature Effects on Youtube here (thanks George!)

S.H. Monsterarts Alien Big chap spotted at Figma's Facebook page here (thanks to The Hive for the scoop!)

NECA Scalers Series one and two at the Big Bad Toy Store here!

Sideshow's Capturing Archetypes Sideshow Originals Book is now available for pre-order.

Xeno & Half-Bishop Plush


Two awesome new plush toys from the team at Think Geek here!

NECA's Randy Falk Talks Aliens & Predator


"We're definitely doing Dallas, Bishop and more nexy tear." Check out the complete video interview on YouTube here!

Custom Builds and More


Check out Sithfire30 Creations custom Nostromo corridor here and here!

Another stunning Nostromo interior posted on the RPF here!

Amazing custom Sulaco hangar bay here!

Predator 2 1:4 scale maquette at Monsters in Motion! While you're there, check out this Predator 2 helmet, and this Polar Lights Aliens Queen kit!

Tuesday News Updates


Sideshow's Predator 2 mask is now available for preorder at The Big Bad Toy Store. While you're there, you can also check out their new Aliens Warrior Legendary Scale Bust!

NECA announces new figure line for cords and cables here!

Monday News Updates


Sir Ridley talks Prometheus 2, Blade Runner 2, and more at Empire Magazine!

Monsters in Motion is also carrying the Sideshow Collectibles book, Capturing Archtypes here, as well as Hot Toys' 1:6 Movie Masterpiece Celtic Predator.

The upcoming AvP Miniatures game now has a Facebook page here!

Weekend News Updates


A photo of Prodos Games upcoming AvP miniatures has surfaced online here!

Aliens Genocide 2 Pack on sale at Entertainment Earth here! While you're there, you can also preorder Super 7's Alien Reaction figures here!

Dutch figure from NECA, Predators Series 10 figures, and in case you missed out the first time, Revoltech's incredible Aliens figures are now back in stock!

New Mondo A L I E N Poster & More


Mondo has a new Alien poster from Randy Ortiz. More info on their site here!

The Big Bad Toy Store has Sideshow's Legendary Scale Aliens Warrior bust for preorder here!

While you're there, you can also preorder Hot Toys' new Movie Masterpiece Celtic Predator figure here, the 1:4 scale Dutch figure from NECA, Predators Series 10 figures, and in case you missed out the first time, Revoltech's incredible Aliens figures are now back in stock!

News Briefs


Kotobukiya's Alien silicone ice trays on sale at their site here!

"The Alien In Waiting" giclee at Entertainment Earth here!

The Hive found this incredible model of the Derelict on Facebook.

A L I E N: Isolation


Amanda Ripley to star in the next videogame based on the Alien franchise.

The Iconograpy of iOS 7 and A L I E N


Carlo Langfos just in this link that takes a look at the Iconography of iOS 7 and A L I E N. Thanks Carlo!

New Sideshow Legendary Scale Bust


Previewed on their site here!

News Briefs


NECA's Water Emergence Predator figure reviewed here!

Play Arts Kai figures at The Big Bad Toy Store!

Predators 1:4 scale Series 3 in stock at Entertainment Earth!

New Hot Toys AvP Celtic Predator


Alien vs. Predator, the crossover movie between the two dangerous extraterrestrial species, has been very popular among their fans since its release. Following the release of Scar Predator, Hot Toys is proud to present the 1/6th scale Celtic Predator Collectible Figure from the Alien vs. Predator movie. The movie-accurate Celtic Predator collectible is specially crafted based on his image in the movie, featuring his detachable signature light-up face mask, a battle damaged version of the face mask, highly detailed body armor, weapons and a rocky ground-like figure stage.

Hot Toys MMS221 Alien vs. Predator: 1/6th scale Celtic Predator Collectible Figure Specification

Movie Masterpiece Series

The 1/6th scale Celtic Predator Collectible Figure specially features:
-              Authentic and detailed fully realized likeness of Celtic Predator in the Alien vs. Predator movie
-              Realistic and accurate 1/6th scale of approximately 14 inches/ 35 cm tall
-              Over 22 points of articulations
-              Net on body and left & right arms
-              One (1) pair of interchangeable mandibles
-              Six (6) pieces of interchangeable palms including:
-   One (1) pair of fists
-   One (1) pair of open palms
-   One (1) right palm for holding spear or shuriken
-  One (1) left palm for holding dagger


-              One (1) articulated shoulder cannon
-              One (1) extendable spear
-              One (1) metal dagger with sheath
-              One (1) pair of long blades attachable to forearm armor
-              One (1) shuriken
-              One (1) shuriken with blades


-              One (1) detachable face mask with LED light-up function
-              One (1) detachable battle damaged face mask with LED light-up function
-              One (1) pair of forearm armor with six (6) interchangeable wrist metal blades of different lengths on the right and net launcher on the left
-              One (1) removable chest armor
-              One (1) back armor
-              One (1) pair of shoulder armor with straps
-              One (1) pair of thigh armor
-              One (1) pair of leg armor
-              Leather-like skirt with waist band
-              One (1) rocky ground-like figure stand with sculpted skull and alien head


-  Figure and Stand Sculpted & Painted by Joseph Tsang

Click here for pics and more info!

Aliens Card Game


BoardGameGeek has the scoop on Legendary Enounters, a deck boarding game set in the Aliens and Predator universe!

"Fans of the popular Alien, Predator and Firefly franchises crave one-of-a-kind and engaging merchandise even now, years after the films and television series debuted," said Roz Nowicki, Executive Vice President of Global Sales and Retail at Fox Consumer Products. "We are looking forward to a continued partnership with Upper Deck, expanding our trading card offering to collectors and fans of these beloved sci-fi titles."

"Bringing in the popular Alien, Predator and Firefly franchises to expand our Legendary Deck Building game portfolio just makes sense," said Jason Masherah, President of Upper Deck. "At Upper Deck we aren't looking to just push out dozens of different games, in hopes that one or two might succeed. We believe that it is more important to focus our efforts and invest heavily in creating what we know will be a great gaming experience for our audience."

Upper Deck is planning to release additional trading card games for the three franchises, along with brand new lines of trading cards and stickers. Details and release dates for these products will be announced later this year.

In other gaming news, anyone know the scoop on this?

New Morbid Flo Video


Check out Morbid's new custom Aliens diorama on YouTube here!

Sideshow Collectibles Book


Capturing Archetypes Deluxe Gallery Book: Twenty Years of Sideshow Collectibles Art now available for pre-order from the Big Bad Toy Store here!

New Dark Horse Alien & Predator Titles


Previewed over at io9 here!

Adam Savage's Alien Costume


At Wired here!

Vintage Sigourney Weaver Interview


Found on YouTube, this vintage Sigourney Weaver interview where she discusses Aliens and more!

SH Monsterarts Preorder


The Alien and Predator figures from SH Monsterarts are now also available for preorder at Entertainment Earth as well here and here!

New Morbid Reports Video


Morbid Flo has just released two new videos featuring restoration a vintage Bruce Hansing kit here and reviews of the original Palisades statues here!

SH Monsterarts Preorder


The Alien and Predator figures from SH Monsterarts are now available for preorder at The Big Bad Toy Store here and here!

Predator Costume


With just four weeks to go 'till Halloween, it's never too early to start thinking about a costume. While most of us can't afford to go full powerloader, Monsters in Motion has this Predators costume in stock!

Predator Series 11 Action Figures


Now available for pre-order at Monsters in Motion and The Big Bad Toy Store!

SH Monster Arts AvP Figures


Not sure what's going on here, but they look awesome!

Recollections of Alien ebook


Original A L I E N moddler Jon Sorenson's e-book Recollections of Alien is now available for download here!

Shadowland Magazine


Those of you who missed out on Shadowland magazine's Alien special can now pick up a back issue copy at their online store here!

Vintage Kenner Alien Retrospective


Over at Vintage Kenner Star Wars here!

Super7 Line Expansion


Rumored to include Buffy, Firefly, Terminator, Aliens, Predator, Bill & Ted, The Goonies, Back to the Future and more!

Behind the Scenes with the Aliens Chestburster


In this Stan Winston School video!

Building the AvP Queen


Check out the latest video from studioADI here!

Super7's ReAction Figures


Super7's Alien ReAction figures are also available for preorder at both Entertainment Earth and Monsters in Motion!

Studio Scale Aliens Narcissus Miniature


A friend of ours has put his stunning Narcissus miniature replica up for sale on eBay here!

New Super7 Exclusive & More!


Those of you who have pre-ordered Super7's set of ReAction figures have the option of receiving an optional secret sixth figure (Parker? Kane?) Click here for complete details!

Speaking of ReAction figures, Big Bad Toy Store has some amazing deals posted here!

Brian Johnson Interview


An interview with the FX Director here!

Monday Afternoon News


Alien Saga Poster Collection at Amazon here!

The always incredible Strange Shapes takes a look at Kane's buriel!

Aliens Queen at Mondo here!

Monday Morning News


Narcissus crew hat and other Alien patches at Lucky Seven here!

Fun Predator fan film here!

Alien poster art here!

Ian Whyte interview at Strange Shapes!

NECA Predators Series 11 Photos


Now up at here!

Recollections of A L I E N


Jon Sorenson here!

Alien: Out of the Shadows Interview


AvP2Daily has an interview with author Tim Lebbon here!

Dark Summoner Mobile Game


The mobile game "Dark Summoner" includes creature designs from Alien visionary HR Giger. Click here for more information! (Thank to The Hive for the scoop!)

NECA Illuminated Egg & Facehugger


From NECA:

Announcing the Aliens Light-up Alien Egg with Launching Facehugger!

This incredibly detailed recreation of the mysterious eggs from the Aliens film glows with an eerie green light when closed, but press the button concealed on the back to launch a rubbery Facehugger into the air!

Check out a full preview complete with video on NECA's site here!

New Morbid Reports Video


Watch Morbid restore a vintage Bruce Hansing kit here!

Amazing Large Scale Dropship For Sale


A very limited number of kits of this large scale Colonial Marine Dropship are now available:

Click here to inquire for more information via email! And here for additional pics!

Replica Hadley's Hope Diorama


Seen on eBay! (thanks Alan!)

Ron Cobb on the History of the Nostromo


At Den of Geek here!

Making of Aliens


Pull up a chair. (thanks Jason!)

Super7 Aliens Sulaco Crew Figures?


An interesting quote on Twitter:

@super7store: @mateosanboval Preorders are open for only 80min & you want to know what is next? It's no secret that the Sulaco crew will join w Nostromo

Thursday News Round Up


Alien in Waiting Giclee at Entertainment Earth.

NECA's Kenner Homage Predator Series 10 Packaging.

Video recap of NECA's SDCC booth.

Stunning collection of Alien and Predator art.

Super7's Brian Flynn talks Alien Reaction figures on YouTube.

Comic-Con Alien News Round Up


Our old friend Jay West just posted this fantastic round up of all the Alien action down at this year's San Diego Comic-Con!

Polar Lights Kane Model Kit Preview


In scale to match the 1:9 Alien here!

Saturday News Round Up


Ian Hunter talks Alien: Resurrection miniature effects on YouTube here!

The Hive recently posted this scoop on Michael Biehn and his thoughts on Aliens: Colonial Marines.

Large scale Predator kit!

Super 7's Alien Invastion!

Prometheus comic coming from Dark Horse!

The Alien Diaries


An impressive new book, The Alien Diaries takes a look behind-the-scenes at the making of the first film.

A L I E N Theme Park?


The Hollywood Reporter has the latest announcement from Fox!

Facehugger Mask


Almost time to start thinking about Halloween, so check out what's been spotted at Think Geek!

Entertainment Earth


Predator Wall Trophy Diorama.

Predator Series 9 Figure Set

Aliens Series 2 Figure Set

Alien Light Up Egg with Launching Facehugger

Hicks Vs. Battle Damaged Blue Warrior Alien Action Figure 2 Pack

NECA Albino Predator Review


Thanks to The Hive we recently came across this review for NECA's Albino Predator SDCC exclusive from Batman: Dead End!

News Round Up


The always excellent AvP Galaxy has this look at all the Predator 3D fun at this past week's Comic-Con.

Speaking of, a photo round up featuring some of the Alien wares on display can be found in this thread! managed to get plenty of great shots of Play Arts Kai Alien figures from Aliens: Colonial Marines here!

Predator Ship Design


The Hive has an excellent collection of Predator ship imagery here!

Super7 SDCC Photo Recap


Missed the action down at Super7's booth in San Diego this past week? SpankyStokes has you covered with a photo recap here!

Randy Falk NECA Video Interview


Randy Falk from NECA talks their special Colonial Marine tribute figure at SDCC here.

Preorder Several New Aliens Items


7" Aliens Series 2.

Hicks vs. Warrior 2 Pack.

Alien Egg & Facehugger.

Aliens Genocide Two Pack.

More NECA Aliens.

Aliens @ Monsters in Motion.

1:4 scale Dutch @ Monsters in Motion.

Super 7 Comic-Con Alien 2 Packs Sold Out


Super7's SDCC Exclusive Alien 2-Pack Discovered Salesman Samples are now sold out.

Square Enix Figures @ Comic-Con


Check it out here! (thanks Moosh1)

NECA Comic-Con Display


Over at Bloody Disgusting!

Mondo Alien & Aliens Prints


Seen over at LA Times Hero Complex! (thanks Ryan)

Gentle Giant 24" Alien



Custom "3D" Predator Figure @ SDCC


Those of you headed to San Diego this week may want to drop the Fox booth for your own custom "3D" Predator figure!

Predator Skull Pack


Need some skulls to round out your Predator Trophy Wall? Movie Gallery has the scoop on where you can order yours today!

Super7 Re-Action Figure Interview


Action Figure Insider recently sat down with Super7 for an exclusive interview on their soon be released Alien Reaction figures and more. Click here to check it out!

Even More Super7 Awesomeness @ Comic-Con


As if their incredible reaction figures weren't enough, Super7 will also be selling these amazing Alien t-shirts at Comic-Con next week!

Incredible Aliens Art


One of our all time favorite Alien artists, Inkjava is back at it again, this time in stunning 3D!

NECA Bishop Figure?



$20 Alien Anthology Blu-Ray


Now at Amazon!

Tuesday News Round Up


Star Trek may have predicted the future, but the real tech of Aliens brings us Sentry Guns and Powerloaders! (thanks Alan and Lee!)

Those of you headed to San Diego Comic Con may want to check out this great round up of exclusives including Super7's Alien ReAction figures!

Weekend News Round Up


Over at The Hive they've just unearthed this incredible vintage Stan Winston Studio "Sculpting the Alien Queen" video featuring Shane Mahan!

Incredible collection of behind-the-scenes imagery from several films including Alien, Aliens and more on Facebook!

Light up Prometheus blueprint!

Takeya Samurai Predator


Seen over at Kotaku!

News Briefs


Vintage James Cameron and Gale Anne Hurd interviews!

Prometheus comics to be announced at Comic-Con.

Predator wall trophy diorama at Big Bad Toy Store and Entertainment Earth.

Aliens: Genocide 2-Pack seen on Twitter!

Bring It Xeno T-Shirt for sale.

Aliens and Predators.

A fun read on rare Aliens prototype toys here!



Facehugger and Nostromo!

Super7 Comic-Con Exclusives Reviewed


At both and Action Figure Times!

New Morbid Reports Video


Restoring a full size Alien Queen replica (part three) here!

Powerloader T-Shirt


Available for 24 hours at Ript!

NECA Predator 2 Skull Pack Limited Edition


Available next month!

Wednesday Link Round Up


Make your own edible Alien Eggs here!

Best deleted scene ever.

One of the original modelers from Alien, Bill Pearson, talks about his work and career here.

A L I E N poster art at Super Punch!

Speaking of Alien posters... More here!

Making Aliens


Post-production, the visual effects of Aliens part one, part two, and part three.

Saturday News Round Up


Entertainment Earth has NECA's Series 10 Predator figures which pay homage to their original Kenner versions due in October and available for preorder here!

Large 18" "Studio Scale" A L I E N Derelict model available at Monsters in Motion!

Original A L I E N continuity polaroids seen here!

Thursday Evening News Round Up


Big Bad Toy Store has several new Predator figures available for pre-order!

Super Punch just posted this awesome Lego Aliens Dropship and more!

The Fwoosh has a great photo gallery of NECA's new Hudson, Hicks, and Warrior figures. (thanks Jim Smash and Super Punch!)

Syd Mead interview.

Thursday Morning News Round Up


Our buddy Jim Smash has more on Super7's ReAction figures at his site here!

Incredible custom Aliens themed arcade cabinet!

Umm, no. Just no.

Alien ReAction Figure SDCC Exclusives


Super7 has just posted a list of their incredible San Diego Comic Con exclusive offerings for the upcoming Alien ReAction figure line here! (thanks Jay!)

NECAs Large Scale Predator Figures


Series three of NECA's 1:4 scale Predator figures can be found for pre-order at Entertainment Earth and Monsters in Motion. While you're there, be sure and check out these new Prometheus figures!

Friday News Round Up


Alien Encounters just posted this new HR Giger book, Alien Diaries!

Those of you who missed out on the initial release of Kaiyodo's incredible Revoltech figures will be happy to know The Big Bad Toy Store has their reissue available for preorder!

Xenomorph Pretzel Bread Eggs



Tuesday News Round Up


Anyone need a lifesize Powerloader!

Video reviews of NECA's Hudson, Hicks, and all new Aliens Warrior (thanks to The Hive!)

Thursday News Round Up


Handcrafting an Aliens corridor diorama!

Check out original Prometheus props, Apone's Colonial Marine armor and more in this Propstore photo visit!

Wednesday News Round Up


Cracked takes a hilarious look at Operation Aliens!

Incredible Dropship model diorama!

Behind the scenes of Aliens!

Grand Theft Auto, Dropship style!

Vintage Toy Fair video of the unreleased Kenner Dropship (thanks Eric)!

Awesome Aliens Facebook Page


Check out The Hive over on Facebook for your Aliens fix!

Shadowland Magazine


Got an email from longtime contributor Marc Cawiezel who let us know issue eight of Shadowland Magazine will feature exclusive A L I E N content!

Monday News Round Up


Prometheus Deacon sculpture seen over at Prometheus Movie News!

AvP Galaxy has the scoop on an all new A L I E N nove from Titan!

Warehouse find of A L I E N Classic 7" Warriors at Monsters in Motion.

While you're there, check out Super 7's Alien Reaction Figures Retro set!

NECA's Aliens Series 1 Reviewed


Over at here!

New Morbid Reports Video


For those of you interested in model and mold making, Morbid Flo has just uploaded his latest video showing the casting of an Alien Queen's teeth and more.

New @ Monsters in Motion


Some new Aliens and Predator items have recently shown up in the latest Monsters in Motion newsletter, including:

Predator Pop Vinyl figure.

Alien Pop Vinyl figure.

Classic Alien Warrior kit.

Retro Alien Glassware.

Alien Skull Set.

Alien Prop & Costume Restoration Work


Check out Tom Spina Designs stunning work on preserving some of your favorite Alien and Predator artifacts!

Alien & Giger Inspired Sculptures


Seen here!

Five Things I Learned About A L I E N From "Giger's Alien


Found over at Film Sketcher. While you're there be sure and check out this article on Stan Winston and his original sketches for Predator!

Models and More


Incredible model inspired by the interior of the Nostromo!

Stunning 3D Narcissus created by The 8th Passenger!

Monday News Round Up


Getting as excited for NECA's upcoming Aliens figures as we are? Jeff Saylor at recent got a look inside the company's studio and posted several new photos including an advanced look at the Alien Egg accessory. (Thanks SuperPunch!)

If art prints are your thing, our friend Alan just sent us this link to an Alien Warrior poster at Godmachine with an image that changes when exposed to a blacklight. (Thanks Alan!)

And if you're just in the mood to look around, there some great model work on display at this site, including this incredible paint job on a Halcyon Alien 3 Warrior.

New Polar Lights Aliens Kits


New Polar Lights Sulaco and Kane model kits seen at Wonderfest!

Thanks Jason!

NECA Aliens Figures Packaged


Spotted on Twitter here!

Aliens in 60 Seconds


At io9 here!

Aliens Cast Speaks


AvP Galaxy has the scoop on this, and several other Alien Encounters videos featuring the Aliens cast from the 25 Years of Aliens Convention.

Behind the Scenes at ADI


Just in time for some weekend viewing, check out The Nerdist Channel's "Blood and Gut"s video tour behind the scenes with the amazing creature creators of ADI! (thannks Glazy!)

MPC Round Two

5.17.2013's Jeff Saylor takes at look at Round2/MPC's A L I E N rerelease model kit here!

Monday News Round Up & More


Incredible Marine vs. Queen Alien Lego animation here!

Stunning FLYING Dropship model here!

Help Kickstart "Harbinger Down," the new film from Alien FX artists Alec Gillis and Tom Woodruff here!

News Round Up


Michael Biehn talks Colonial Marines over at AvpGalaxy here!

Leading Edge miniatures and a rare AEF Queen for sale on eBay from a friend of ours here!

The original Kenner Alien spotted inside the Kenner factory here!


News Round Up


Drop your linen and start your grinin', a new Morbid Reports video is here!

Incredible USCSS Prometheus 3D model render here!

Super7's Alien ReAction Figures available for preorder at Monsters in Motion.

Colonial Marines Lawsuit Editorial


Over at Gamerinformer here!

News Round Up


NECA's large scale Predator 2 two figure set!

Remember the music heard in this Alien 3 trailer? Listen to it here. (thanks Jeyl)

New DLC for Aliens: Colonial Marines, the recon pack!

Speaking of Aliens: Colonial Marines... More here and here.

New Prometheus Figures on Hold?


Check out NECA's statement via Twitter here!

Thanks Super Punch!

Super7 Studio Pics


Brand new in studio pics of the Super7 Retro A L I E N "reaction" figures have just been posted over at the official Super7 blog here!

Aliens Art Print

4.17.2013 has the scoop on an extremely rare Aliens art print created to benefit the Boston Red Cross. Click the link above for more information.

Quick Hits


Hadley's Hope 3D model.

Alien travel mugs @ Entertainment Earth.

The always informative Strange Shapes takes an in-depth look at Gateway Station.

While you're there, be sure and check out this vintage interview with Lance Henrikson!

The Making of Predator


If you love behind-the-scenes footage as much as we do, check out this hour long look at the making of Predator. And speaking of Predator, check out this three figure 25th Anniversary set now available for preorder at Entertainment Earth.

Super7 "Vintage" Alien Figures and Glasses


Super7 revealed their new "ReAction" series of figures and glassware at Wondercon this weekend and has plenty of pics to check out!

Aliens Chestburster in a Can


Pretty sure the gang at Think Geek is up to their annual April Fools shenanigans, but this chestburster in a can sure is cool!

PopCo Alien & Predator Vinyl Figures


Entertainment Earth has just released pre-order info and imagery for two new figures in the "Pop Vinyl" line of collectible figures: Aliens and Predator!

Aliens Art


Speaking of Aliens related art, lots of great eye candy at Inkjava here!

ACME Alien Art Print from Dark Ink


Along with a special variant seen here!

News Round Up


"Dream Weaver" Sigourney Weaver themed art show in New York City!

Super 7 A L I E N glasses on display at Wondercon!

Win original movie props from Prometheus!

PC update for Colonial Marines coming soon!

Alien Resurrection "Betty" Nose Art Patch


A VERY limited number of patches featuring the pin up style artwork logo as seen on the Betty can be found for sale here!

NECA Aliens: Genocide Two-Pack


Now available for preorder at the Big Bad Toy Store!

Aliens: Colonial Marines 30 Days Later


IGN takes a look at Aliens: Colonial Marines one month after its release.

Quick Hits


Jim Smash hits 7000 posts!

Strange Shapes looks at A:CM.

Gearbox announces patch for X-Box 360 users.

AvP Evolution Fan Art Contest


AvP Evolution is offering a fans a chance to have their original artwork featured in the game. Click here for more information at the official AvP: Evolution Facebook page!

More Writing A L I E N


The always excellent Strange Shapes has just posted an in-depth look at the crafting and drama behind the original Alien screenplay.

Alien "Capsule Q" Toys


Our friends over at Jim Smash recently unearthed these amazing little capsule figures from Kaiyodo. Find them for sale at The Big Bad Toy Store!

Aliens & Prometheus Inspired Donkey Kong Boards


8 Bit art by Baznet here!

New Colonial Marines Content Coming?


According to Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford via his Twitter here!

In other news, Eurogamer looks at what went wrong, while Zero Punctuation posts their own review.

Sulaco Micro Movie...

2.26.2013 awesome.

Prometheus Sequel News

2.26.2013 has the scoop on a recent meeting between Noomi Rapace and Ridley Scott talking Prometheus 2.

A new week brings even more Colonial Marines news and fallout


Mainstream media outlet CBS takes notice while Kotaku takes a look at the big picture.

The Problem With Colonial Marines


Interesting article over at

Even More Colonial Marines


As Destructoid continues to delve into the behind the scenes story of Colonial Marines, Alex Moore asks Why is it so hard to make a good Aliens game?

And while there's still be no offical word from Gearbox on what happened, AvP Galaxy has a post covering Twitter comments from Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford.

Writing A L I E N


Taking a little departure from all this game talk, here's a little insight into the storytelling of the film that started it all, Screenwriting the Dan O'Bannon Way.

Colonial Marines News


How Creative Assembly could save the Aliens franchise.

Torture yourself with Obsidian's Aliens: Crucible footage.

Scratchbuilt Nostromo Model


Reader Fred just sent us an email to check out his amazing scratchbuilt Nostromo model here!

Colonial Marines Fallout Continues


We still have yet to recieve our copy of the game, but it's becoming clear something, somewhere went wrong with the development of Aliens: Colonial Marines (favorite quotes: "I haven't been this disappointed since Alien 3, and THAT'S sayin' something." and "In space, no one can hear you ask for your money back.")

While we're going to hold off our own personal judgement until we actually have a chance to play the game, here's a quick selection of links that take a closer look at what might have gone wrong:

Randy Pitchford doesn't like being called a liar.

One for the fans?

Who made Aliens?

Angry Joe Review

Jimquisition "a-LIE-ns."

IGN, Gaming Media To Blame For Aliens: Colonial Marines Sucking.

Misleading Marketing of Aliens: Colonial Marines Worthy of a Lawsuit.

Maybe Mods Can Improve Aliens: Colonial Marines On PC.

Angry Games: Ni Space, No One Can Hear You Be Pissed.

More Aliens: Colonial Marines


So as the disappointed reviews keep coming in, Kotaku takes a look how Aliens: Colonial Marines fell apart..

While you're there, they also have an article the demo vs. the actual game.

Finally, IGN asks the question, Did Aliens: Colonial Marines screenshots lie to you?

Colonial Marines Review Round-Up


While both Kotaku and AvP Galaxy have published extensive reviews for Aliens: Colonial Marines, this Reddit thread takes a look at what might have gone wrong during the game's development process.

Aliens: Colonial Marines


After years and years of development and anticipation, launch day is finally here. While reviews have been mixed, we're still looking forward to diving in.

IGN asks how much of the game did Gearbox actually make?

Weyland-Yutani's "Self repairing windows"!

Innovative A.I.!

X-Box vs. PC versions!

Patches and updates release info!

NECA Aliens Figures @ Toyfair


Both Bloody Disgusting and have posted photos of NECA's Aliens and Predator figures on display at Toyfair.

You can also check out a video of the booth on YouTube here!

Diamond Select Gets Aliens License


Diamond Select Toys has just announced they'll be getting the Aliens license for mini-mates, vehicles, and more! (thanks Randy!)

Alien Saga: The Poster Collection


Coming soon from Insight Editions!

Psycho Monsterz


It's been awhile since we've checked out their site, but Psycho Monsterz is always a great stop for those of you looking for new and rare kits. Check They also have a blog you can check out here!

Aliens: Colonial Marines


With just a few more days 'till Aliens: Colonial Marines is here, the PR machine is in full swing. First, check out this extented "contact" trailer for the game (can you imagine if THIS had actually been Alien 3).

"Bug Hunt" multiplayer exclusive to Wal-Mart?

Win an Aliens: Colonial Marines mini-fridge and more from Monster Energy Gaming here!

Aliens: Colonial Marines Preview


Check out IGN today for an exclusive preview of Aliens: Colonial Marines!

Link Round Up


Aliens: Colonial Marines tactical trailer here!

Building Better Worlds art print on sale here!

AvP Evolution Trailer and More


Over at AvP Galaxy they've got this scoop on this just released AvP Evolution trailer as well as this new Aliens Dark Horse novella!

Aliens: Colonial Marines Preview


PC & Tech Authority has a new preview for Aliens: Colonial Marines up here!

Weekend Video Round Up


A new Morbid Reports video featuring an original Bruce Hansing Alien 3 Dog Alien bust has just been posted on YouTube here!

With the release date for Aliens: Colonial Marines approaching quickly, we're seeing more and more new content, including this "Kick Ass" trailer!

Prometheus Series 2 Figures Pre-Order


NECA's David and Deacon from Prometheus are now available for pre-order at both Monsters in Motion and the Big Bad Toy Store!

Items for sale


A really good friend of the site has a few items for sale on eBay including this Palisades mini chestburster bust and this McFarlane AvP box set!

Aliens: Colonial Marines Updates


Brian Burleson, Senior Producer for Aliens: Colonial Marines gave an interview to Daily Mail here. also has an interview with the game's composer here.

Hot Toys Prometheus Figures


Hot Toys has posted a preview photo of several of their upcoming offerings for 2013, including at least one Prometheus crewmember. Click here to check it out on Facebook!

News Round Up


While we normally don't like to get into the habit of posting eBay auctions, this incredible Kenner collection benefits a family from the area affected by Hurricane Sandy. So if you're looking to jumpstart your collection of vintage figs, augment an existing collection, or just help out a good cause, place your bids here !

Jim Smash's Alien pics!

Don't forget this one while you're there!

News Round Up


How to Explain to Children Why, in Space, No One Can Hear Them Scream.

Stormtroopers vs. Aliens.

Hands on with Aliens: Colonial Marines.

Aliens: Colonial Marines Queen Wallpaper.

Scar Predator Statue

Scar Predator Collectible Figure

Ask Me About My Facehugger


Found over at SuperPunch!

Colonial Marines "Story" Trailer


and the holiday gifts just keep on comin'. Check out this new Colonial Marine "story" trailer over at IGN!

Hot Toys Scar Predator


Happy holidays everyone! Hot Toys recently updated their site with pics and info for the all new 1:6 scale AvP Scar Predator! art!

Click here for more pics on Facebook, and here for ordering information over at Sideshow!

Hot Toys is proud to present the 1/6th scale Scar Predator Collectible Figure from the Alien vs. Predator movie. The movie-accurate Scar Predator collectible is specially crafted based on his image in the movie, highlighting the newly developed head sculpt, highly detailed body armor, weapons and accessories, as well as detachable light-up mask.

Papercraft Sulaco


Talk about a holiday present, after 4 years, Jan Rukr's free, downloadable papercraft model of the USS Sulaco has finally been completed. Click here to check out more of this stunning piece of art!

News Round Up


Ricco "Frost" Ross interview here!

Built and painted Halcyon Sulaco here!

Hot Toys/Sideshow's latest Movie Masterpiece Series Scar Predator Collectible Figure

News Round Up


Damon Lindelof NOT writing Prometheus sequel here!

Colonial Marines Hadley's Hope trailer here!

NECA's Hicks, Hudson, and Aliens Warrior preorder here!

Uhh, speaking of NECA...

Colonial Marine armor personalization guide here!

Custom Alien by Down One here! (thanks John!

Amazing Large Scale Dropship For Sale


A very limited number of kits of this large scale Colonial Marine Dropship are now available:

Click here to inquire for more information via email! And here for additional pics!

Aliens Cast Q and A Podcast


For those that missed it, the Aliens 25th Anniversary podcast Q and A with the cast can be given a listen here!

HR Giger Exhibit


There's a round up of Aliens: Colonial Marines previews over at the official SEGA blog here!

HR Giger Exhibit


HR Giger will be holding an exhibit in Las Vegas as part of the World of Art Showcase at the Wynn hotel. Click here for more information!

Round 2 to Produce Alien Models


Round 2 has recently acquired the license to the Alien movie franchise and will celebrate it with the launch of the 1:9 Scale Alien figure.  The highly aggressive extraterrestrial creature that stalks and kills the crew of a spaceship first terrified audiences in 1979 It has remained highly praised in subsequent decades, being inducted into the National Film Registry of the Library of Congress in 2002 for historical preservation as a film which is "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant".

Dan Sabato of Round 2, "We have tried to remain true to the Alien vision and franchise in the recreation of this figure, we look forward to more iconic imagery from the three sequel and two prequel films."

This model is great for fans of Sci-Fi and creepy aliens and designed for the advanced skill modeler as a level 2 model. The black Injection molded body and clear helmet can stand alone but glue is required.  Paint can be added to complete the realistic effect.

New NECA Colonial Marine Pics


Speaking of Colonial Marines, this thread at AvPGalaxy has some brand new prototype pics of both their Hicks and Hudson figures - along with the news we'll be getting more then one version of each character!

Kotaku looks at Aliens: Colonial Marines


Kotaku has just taken an extensve look at Aliens: Colonial Marines and it sounds like they like what they saw. Click here to check out the exclusive preview!

For even more on the game, AvP Galaxy has their own preview up here, along with several new screenshots you can check out here!

While you're there, be sure and take a look at these in-depth character profiles as well!

Alien Predator T-shirt Holiday Giftpack


Get the Anatomical guide to the Xenomorph and the Anatomical guide to the Predator T-Shirt together For only $40! Click here to check 'em out at Brad Mcginty!

How Predators Eat


Information you need to know!

Big Red Predator


Sideshow has just released a video preview of their upcoming Aliens Queen Hive diorama on their site here!

Speaking of Sideshow, an exclusive version of their upcoming Scar Predator can be found here! The exclusive version has an additional left hand with Xenomorph head shield and additional right hand with Xenomorph tail spear!

Big Red Predator


News of new Predator items keeps coming on in. Articulation Times has a look at NECA's new Big Red Predator over at their site here!

Sideshow Scar Predator Statue


Speaking of Predator items, Sideshow has just updated their site with info on their new Alien vs Predator Scar Predator Statue here!

News Round Up


Jungle Dutch Predator figures and more are now available at The Big Bad Toy Store here! (Thanks SuperPunch!)

New Morbid Reports Space Jockey kit video here!

Original Halcyon Box Art For Sale


Those of you who remember the amazing models put out by Halcyon in the mid nineties now have a chance to own the original artwork that adorned the box covers to several of their more popular kits. Click here to inquire for more information via email! And here for pics!

Prometheus Model Kit


Coming soon from Fantastic Plastic!

Thanksgiving Updates


Hope those of you who celebrate Thanksgiving enjoy the day...! We're thankful for this latest batch of updates including THIS fantastic new trailer for Aliens: Colonial Marines.

AvP Galaxy has the scoop on the new mobile AvP game, Alien Evolution here!

NECA's Jungle Extraction Dutch at Superpunch!

And finally we're thankful for our good friend Harry Harris who just bounced us this link where you can check out some portfolio work on the props of Prometheus!

Crysis 2 AvP Mod


PC Gamer has the scoop on this AvP themed mod for Crysis 2!

Lindelof's Prometheus Draft


With all this reporting on Jon Spaiht's original draft of the Prometheus screenplay, what about LOST writer and producer Damon Lindelof? io9 takes a look here!

Speaking of Prometheus...

Prometheus deleted scenes.

Spaiht's Prometheus Draft


io9 has more on Jon Spaiht's original Prometheus screenplay here!

News Round Up


Morbid Flo's custom Alien 3 diorama over at the RPF here! (thanks Glazy)

Daniel "Spunkmeyer" Kash interview the RPF here!

Jean-Claude as Predator? Click here!

AvP Galaxy's Prometheus designer Carlos Huante interview here!

Jon Spaiht's original Prometheus screenplay here!

Making Predator


The Making of Predator on YouTube here!

Thursday Mega Updates


8 Bit Alien!

Original Prometheus props for sale!

The Aliens Dinner Experience here!

Giger and the Making of Alien on YouTube here!

Credit and thanks to Alien Encounters for some of the above!

One great place to talk Alien and Predator collectibles!

News Briefs


Ron Shusett talks all things Alien!

That father and son powerloader now with video!

Original Aliens Facehugger puppet restoration project!

News Briefs

10.28.2012 has the scoop on the NECA Toys R Us exclusive Trilobyte vs. Battle Damaged Engineer two-pack!

Amazing father and son Aliens costume!

Prometheus T-Shirts


Some new Prometheus t-shirt styles have been found over at We Love Fine here!

Amazing Ripley Bust Sculpt


Spotted over at Geekologie here!

Video Round Up


Aliens: Colonial Marines NYCC interviews here!

Alien Encounters recently posted Ridley Scott's Art of Storyboarding!

Randy Pitchford Aliens: Colonial Marines interview interviews here!

Rare Prometheus Decals Now Available


Check out these amazing Prometheus stickers seen over at ORDER6T6!

Ain't It Cool on Aliens Colonial Marines


Ain't It Cool News has a pretty in-depth look at Aliens: Colonial Marines here!

Narcissus Nose Art Patch


An EXTREMELY RARE, limited edition Narcissus "Miss Piggy nose art" patch is now available. Click here for an image of the original art, here for an image of the patch, and here for more information at The RPF!

Video Tuesday


AvP Galaxy has some Prometheus VFX breakdown videos here!

Win another Prometheus prop here!

Red Letter Media addresses Prometheus home video release here!

News Round Up


Aliens Colonial Marines to address Alien 3 "gaps" here!

Gearbox Colonial Marines NY Comic Con preview here!

New Prometheus items in the Fox Shop here!

News Round Up


Charles de Lauzirika interview here!

Colonial Marines @ Comic Con here!

Blade Runner Sequel here!

Killer custom facehugguer lollipop a fan's girlfriend made just in time for Halloween!

Win a Prometheus Prop


Details over at Ain't It Cool News here!

Prometheus Blu-ray Event


Details on deleted scenes, original script draft secrets, and more here, and here!

Steampunk Predator Mask and More


Spotted over at Neatorama!

Possible Prometheus/Blade Runner tie-in? Check it out here!

Friday Night News Round Up


Aliens Boss Battle RPG t-shirt at RIPT (thanks Tiffany!).

Prometheus "Honest" trailer here.

Top Nine Aliens Toys holding video games (thanks Marc!).

Prometheus Figure Video Reviews


Prometheus Engineer in Pressure Suit here.

Prometheus Engineer in Chair Suit here.

Wednesday News Round Up


Prometheus home video "second screen" app trailer here.

Prometheus Blu-ray photos here.

HR Giger "interview" here!

Ridley behind the scenes on at io9 here.

"Trilobite" behind the scenes here.

Quick News Bits


Giger Prometheus art preview at AvP Galaxy here, and quick Colonial Marines review here!

LV-426 Art Print


At Gallery 1988 here.

Custom Prometheus Art Prints


Spotted here.

Facehugger Bong


That is all.

News Round Up


Monsters in Motion has added a warehouse find of several 12" NECA Alien and Predator figures to their site here!

Predators 2 Action Figure set here!

18" NECA Alien here!

Jeff Yagher Predator here!

AvP Galaxy has some insight into the writers commentary for Prometheus here!

Roger Christian


Alien and Star Wars art director Roger Christian talks all about designing the sets of Alien, his new book, and more over at Shadowlocked here!

An older interview with him can be found over at Den of Geek here!

You can also check out a podcast interview with him here in which he talks Prometheus and much more!

News You Can Use


Aliens Colonial Marines at New York Comic Con!

Jay "Russ Jordan" Benedict interview at Aliens Legacy!

Divergent Universe Newt and Hicks at Strange Shapes!

Stunning Prometheus Engineer helmet replica here!

Prometheus figures reviewd at AvP Galaxy!

Prometheus Beats by Dre event at Super Punch!

The Weapons of Predator 2


Over at Stan Winston here!

News Round Up


A new Colonial Marines pre-order trailer can be seen here!

Prometheus "Mutation" cut scene info and pics here!

Weyland Corp. replica shirts here!

News Round Up


Watch over 10 minutes of Prometheus deleted scenes at io9 here!

New Prometheus set and prop behind the scenes imagery at AvP Galaxy here!

Prometheus "Second Screen" app here!

Gearbox Software unveiled a new website today!

Weyland Yutani propaganda print spotted at etsy!

Ripley Sculpt


A stunning Ellen Ripley sculpt by "wilysteve" has been discovered over at The RPF here! (thanks to Glazy for the scoop!)

Weekend News Round Up


Predator Anatomoy t-shirt by Brad McGinty!

io9 on vintage Alien collectibles!

News Round Up


APC inspired tank (thanks William!)

Fox talks Prometheus and digital downloads over at the NY Times.

Video Friday


Two great videos for you this morning. First up is this new Prometheus viral in anticipation of the video release. Next we've got this new Morbid Reports video featuring a Space Jockey head and more!

Aliens: Colonial Marines News


Thanks to the efforts of Melissa "Moosh 89" along with several appeals from the original cast, Aliens: Colonial Marines will have playable female characters!

Kotaku has an early look here!

News You Can Use


Aliens: The Enhanced Script.

More great Prometheus concept art!

Prometheus Updates


Some deleted scene details in the Prometheus novelization.

More packaging and art for the Prometheus Blu-ray and DVD!

AR Chestburster T-Shirt


Seen over at Super Punch and io9!

NECA's Prometheus Figures & More


Are now available at both Monsters in Motion as well as The Big Bad Toy Store.

If you're looking for some interesting reading on the franchise, head on over to Strange Shapes here!

New Morbid-Flo Video


Morbid-Flo has just released a new Morbid Reports video on YouTube here!

Sideshow AVP Temple Guard Prop Replica


Sideshow has just posted a preview of their AVP Temple Guard Prop Replica!

News Round Up


Space Jockey concept art!

Adoraburster t-shirt!

Lego Xeno T-Rex!

News Round Up


Portuguese Alien spotted over at Jim Smash!

Cool Giger/Darth Vader helmet project spotted at Superpunch!

Also at Superpunch: Xenomon!

AvP Galaxy has a great write up on Neville Page's Prometheus concept artist VFX presentation! While you're there feel free to check out these designer interviews and these newly released images!

Prometheus to Alien Evolution Box Set


Images of the upcoming Prometheus to Alien box set have popped up online at Prometheus-Movie here!

News Round Up


RARE Stan Winston Aliens pics!

Limited Aliens RPG t-shirt!

Prometheus DVD deleted scene list hers!

A new AvP mobile game is coming!

News Round Up


Your name in Aliens Colonial Marines!

Alien Explorations.

Another Alien inspired t at Threadless. (thanks Super Punch)

Sadly, Carlo Rambaldi has passed away.

Two Great Movies


Spotted over at Atomic Donkey!

The Costumes of A L I E N


Part I here!

Alien Skull Replica


One of many awesome items available at PsychoMonsterz.

Wednesday News Round Up


Someone didn't like Prometheus.

Comparing Alien and Aliens! (thanks Glazy!)

List of Prometheus Blu-ray extras here!

Alien War 2012


Alien War is back!

News Round Up


Photos of Terry English assembling Colonial Marine armor!

NECA's 1:4 scale Predator "City Hunter" Super Punch!

Lego AvP


Yeah, buddy! Thanks Super Punch!

Monday News Round-Up


The second Gearbox Colonial Marines video is up here!

Prometheus fan art on Facebook in the works!

Propstore's Apone Colonial Marine armor on display here, and original Alien translucent prototype suit here!

Friday News Round-Up


Lindelof and the Prometheus viral campaign here!

Prometheus 2 in the works!

Neville Page video interview here!

News You Can Use!


Prometheus sequel news!

Aliens: Colonial Marines "Authentic" trailer!

Ever wondered what the bridge of the Sulaco looks like? has the answer!

How Prometheus Should Have Ended



Adam Savage's Nostromo Helmet Replica


Spotted over at here!

Wednesday News Round-Up


A new Morbid Flo video featuring a 1:6 scale Shadow Predator and custom diorama is up on YouTube here!

Also at Chainsaw Art, Alien Extraction Team and Super Predator Design! (thanks Glazy!)

Custom Prometheus Deacon


Over at Chainsawart here! (thanks Glazy!)

Monday News Round-Up


Syd Mead talks Aliens: Colonial Marines!

Original Nostromo suit on display @ San Diego Comic-Con.

Awesome gallery of Predator Stuff!

Alien vs. Prometheus story seminar.



Facehugger corset.

My Boyfriend in an Engineer. (thanks Jason!)

Tuesday News


Photos of Prometheus at Comic-Con.

Jim Smash takes on Prometheus.

Art Prints @ Comic-Con


There were two art prints at Comic-Con that caught our attention this year. First up is Rocket Queen by Jason Edmiston. Next is ACME's exclusive Prometheus "Ampule Chamber" print... ...which WAS at this link but seems to be down for the moment. You can see a photo here.

Late Night News Round Up


Prometheus fun @ Comic-Com! And don't forget the recruiting events - tomorrow's is at 3:30pm in front of the Hard Rock.

Speaking of custom Alien figures, here's Ellen Ripley.

Apone, Hicks, Hudson, and Drake featured in this Gamestop graphic for Colonial Marines pre-orders.

More info on Super 7's Alien figures and retro glassware.

My Little Alien.

Original Kenner A L I E N Figures to be Remade



Custom A L I E N Figures


These amazing custom Alien figures also come our way courtesy John at Super Punch. Click here for even more of Sith_Fire30's killer work!

NECA Hudson and Dutch Revealed @ Comic-Con



Get to the Choppa!

Wednesday News Round Up


New Prometheus figures spotted at Comic-Con here!

Anatomy of Terry English Colonial Marine armor!

Tuesday News Round Up


Gearbox Software has posted a preview of their Comic-Con print here!

AvP Galaxy has the scoop on some more amazing Prometheus concept art here!

Mythbuster's Adam Savage on Prometheus here!

Monday News Round Up


Awesome Alien poster spotted over at Super Punch!

More amazing Prometheus concept art here!

Prometheus abridged script.

Prometheus the musical.

Aliens Colonial Marines goodies at Comic-Con including a limited edition art print as well as an exclusive Dark Horse comic. If any of you are there and are able to score one for your favorite webmaster here, we'll gladly pay ya for 'em ;).

Aliens Toy Concept


Got this little gem in our inbox courtesy John of Super Punch...!

Tuesday New Round Up


Super Punch has the scoop on the Secret Screening of Prometheus here!

Our old friend Dan sent in this French amazon link with details on the home video release of Prometheus!

Over @ Monsters in Motion


Monsters in Motion has just posted a new section featuring Prometheus collectibles. While you're there, you may want to check out this built and painted Bowen Predator in their one-of-a-kind section, along with this rare Predator kit!

Sideshow Wolf Predator Statue


Friday News Round-Up


Prometheus creature design here!

Prometheus is coming to Comic-Con!

Prometheus viral continues with Prometheus is "Careers"!

Kenner toy comic art "Careers"!

LEGO Prometheus here!

Known Prometheus deleted scenes here!

I'm not saying it's Aliens, but it's Aliens!

Kids Swede A L I E N here!

Wednesday News Round-Up


Behind the scenes of the Prometheus viral campaign.

Amazing Aliens art (Thanks Jim Smash!)

Monday News Round-Up


Official quotes from Ridley Scott and more on Prometheus over at Wikiquotes Tom Spina Designs!

Prometheus Engineer's graphic here.

Licensed Ampule Chamber print here!

Some great Alien art over at Daryl Joyce's art blog here! (Thanks Andrew!)

Concept Prometheus sequel teaser banner here!

Prometheus Sponge Bob connection? Click here!

Aliens lamp here!

Saturday News Round-Up


Tom Spina Designs is restoring an orignal Aliens Facehugger for Propmasters. You can see a small preview on their Facebook page here.

Monsters in Motion has a completed Studios Scale Alien Narcissus for sale in the one-of-a-kind section of their site here.

Our friends at Super Punch just sent us this incredibly cool piece of chestburster art by Dylan Forman.

Gavin Rothery on why the original Alien script is so good.

So many great Alien posts over at Strange Shapes it's impossible to link to just one.

Awesome new Alien art and pics over at Aliens and Predators!

Prometheus Explained Video


Here's one fan's take over at YouTube.

What David Said to the Engineer


Wanna know what set the Engineer off in Prometheus? Check out the translation over at Collider here.

Wednesday News Round Up


Vintage video of A L I E N @ Disneyworld's Great Movie Ride here.

The "Genius of the Derelict" here!

Monday News!


io9's latest Prometheus theory here.

Ain't it Cool on Aliens here!

Unique A L I E N poster concept art here!

Prometheus cast photo here.

Saturday Prometheus News!


Two critical reviews here, and here!

Friday Prometheus News!


NECA's Prometheus figures now available here, here and here!

Half hour video feature on the FX of Prometheus here!

Hundreds of concept art images here!

Elder Predator Ceremonial Mask Life-size Prop Replica


Sideshow has just released pre-order info for its Aliens vs. Predator Collectibles Elder Predator Ceremonial Mask Life-size Prop Replica on their main site here!

Sideshow is proud to partner with Amalgamated Dynamics Inc (ADI) to bring you the Alien vs. Predator Prop Replica line, featuring some of the most advanced weaponry and armor ever conceived for the Predator arsenal. Each prop replica is an exact 1:1 reproduction of the original screen used prop, as created by ADI. Cast in fiberglass, each piece is individually painted and finished to exacting standards, each with its own unique quality and detail that is the trademark of a handcrafted Sideshow Collectibles product. The Elder Predator Ceremonial Mask Prop Replica is the perfect addition to any Predator legacy display.

Thursday Prometheus News!


Ian Whyte Engineer photos on Facebook here.

"Deacon" concept art and more here!

More fantastic concept art here!

Gavin Rothery on A L I E N here!

Thanks to Andrew for the above!

Colonial Marines News You Can Use


Gearbox has posted a review round up of Aliens: Colonial Marines at Gearboxity here.

There's a video review of multiplayer here!

Wednesday Prometheus News!


A (Not So) Brief Conversation About the Alien Franchise here.

Prometheus FX here!

More concept art and stills here!

Concept art from Steve Burg here!

Rob's Prometheus FAQ here!

The Sound of Prometheus featurette here!

The Art of Prometheus reviewed here!

Thanks to Jason and Andrew for the above links!

Alien and Predator Movie Marathon


Timelapse of 10 movies in 2 days here!

Tuesday Prometheus News!


Lindelof & Spaihts video interview @ First Showing here.

Prometheus questions and answers @ io9 here!

Red Letter Media takes on Prometheus here!

More on NECA's Prometheus figures here!

What is 10.11.12?

Ridley talks "Paradise" sequel here!

5 things we want in a sequel here!

EVEN MORE Monday Prometheus News!


Prometheus sequel recap @ Collider here.

Explore the sound of Prometheus here!

What is going on in Prometheus here!

More Prometheus theories here!

The 15 big ideas in Prometheus here!

Monday Prometheus News Round Up


Lindelof talks Prometheus secrets @ MTV here.

Exclusive interview with Prometheus costume designer Janty Yates here!

Prometheus viral continues here!

...and here!

Sunday Prometheus News Round Up


Scott talks 20 to 30 minutes of deleted scenes and more at Collider here!

Ripley and Newt Duet @ io9 here!

Shaw's "Texts" to the Engineer in Prometheus here!

Our own guide to Prometheus thoughts here!

Replica Peace Through Superior Firepower t-shirt at Last Exit to Nowhere. (thanks Super Punch)

Saturday Prometheus News Round Up


Rapace talks deleted scenes and more at Collider here!

Hot Toys Prometheus figures coming soon!

Even more concept art at AvP Galaxy!

The director behind the Prometheus paper trailer here!

Thanks William!

More Prometheus News


Ridley Scott interview over at First Showing here!

Ridley Scott's "Go To Crew" here!

Coverage at Hollywood Reporter here!

NECA's Prometheus Figures


Spotted over at Super Punch here!

Prometheus Day News Round-Up


Lindelof on Prometheus here!

Peter Weyalnd viral video here!

More Lindelof interview here!

10/11/12 final viral here!

Colonial Marines at E3 Day 3 here!

What is Prometheus video interview here!

Prometheus cast interview here!

Phew, all for now - enjoy the film!

News Round-Up


Alien and The Matrix as Pulp Novels here!

Esquire's Ridley Scott Prometheus interview here!

Prometheus concept art here!

The Making of Prometheus in Cinefex 130!

If you're one of the legions of Alien fans who have waited more than three decades for filmmaker Ridley Scott to bring his Alien mythology back to the big screen, then you wont want to miss the newest issue of Cinefex, due out Friday, June 8, featuring a 25-page article on the making of Prometheus.  Look for in-depth interviews with the films leading effects artists and learn the secrets behind the movies mind-blowing visuals. Accompanying the article are 31 color images  frame clips from the film and behind-the-scenes shots -- many of them exclusive to Cinefex. You can pre-order your copy now by visiting our online store here! Noomi Rapace Prometheus interview here!

Logan Marshall-Green Prometheus interview here!

NSFW Prometheus interview here!

Thanks to William, Mattie K, and everyone who sent in the above!

News Round-Up


Lindelof talks Prometheus, sequels, and more here!

News Round-Up


New Colonial Marines info from E3 here!

Pearce and Theron Prometheus interview here!

Prometheus Imax poster here!

Thanks to William for the heads up on the poster!

Prop and Artwork Charity Auction


Both Ridley Scott and Guillermo Del Toro have donated a selection of signed props, artwork and more for an auction benefiting Paul's Brain Trust. Click here for more information at

NECA Colonial Marine preview


If you're as excited for NECA's new line of Colonial Marines as we are, you'll wanna check out this preview photo that recently popped up online!

Free Prometheus Ticket Deal @ Amazon


Amazon has just launched a promotion where the first 5000 people to purchase Prometheus on home video will receive $10 towards a movie ticket. Click here for more info!

Aliens Colonial Marines Collectors Edition


Kotaku has more on Gearbox's Aliens: Colonial Marines Collectors Edition here. Thanks to Jim Smash for the heads up.

Props on Display


Propstore sponsored a special screening of Prometheus the other night, complete with a lobby display of original props, costumes, and artifacts from the film series. Click here to check out their gallery on Facebook!

News Round-Up


New Morbid-Flo video here!

Aliens: Colonial Marines Special Collectors Edition Pre-Order bonus here!

"Obscure" Prometheus t-shirts here!

Prometheus Premiere live stream here!

Prometheus tracking at Rotten Tomatoes here!

Alien and Predator Anatomy Prints


Some amazing Alien, Predator, and Facehugger anatomy print sets by artist Brad McGinty are now available at Paper Pusher here!

Kane's Original Nostromo Spacesuit


Has just been added to the Propstore collection here!

More New NECA Predator Figures


Series 6 now available for pre-order at Monsters in Motion here!

New Colonial Marines Trailer


And more here!

Lindelof on Prometheus


Sceenwriter Damon Lindelof talks Prometheus, working with Ridley Scott, and more over at The Verge here!

Prometheus Blu-ray


Not really sure what's going on with these, but we've been receiving several reports and emails about what looks like a European Prometheus Blu-ray box set/promo. You can check it out for yourself here, here, and a little more info here!

Thanks to Dan and everyone else who sent this in!

Official Prometheus Merchandise


Official Prometheus t-shirts, hats, and more can now be found for sale over at the offical Fox store here! Speaking of official goodies, those of you in the UK can win a huge swag bag over at DVD Active here!

News Round Up


New Morbid Flo video here!

Fright Rags Limited Edition t-shirt here here! (thanks William!)

The latest Prometheus viral video here!

Charlize talks Prometheus here here!

New Prometheus concept art and more here!

Lindelof Talks Prometheus


Over at Entertainment Weekly here!

Sideshow Predator Bad Blood Statue


International Prometheus Poster


Spotted over at Collider here!

Custom Aliens Diorama


We just got an email from sculptor and collector Morbid Flo who wanted to share this YouTube video featuring his latest custom Aliens creation.

HorrorHound Magazine


Collector and long time contributor Marc Cawiezel wrote in to let us know Issue 35 of HorrorHound Magazine features a cover story and article dedicated to the world of Alien collectibles.

Click here to order a copy today!

New NECA Predator 2 Figures


Series 5 now available at Monsters in Motion here!

This amazing collection of all-new Predator figures is based on the lost tribe of Predators seen in Predator 2. Many of these are action figure first, never before seen in action figure form, all with improved articulation including double knee joints and ball jointed hips. These figures of the Stalker Predator, the Snake Predator, and the Guardian Predator each have over 25 points of articulation and come with movie-specific accessories. Blister card packaging.

Friday News Round Up


Gearbox Software's Randy Pitchford talks making Colonial Marines the official sequel to Aliens here!

iO9 has the scoop on a new official Prometheus mini game here, and speaking of mini games, has an article on the viral marketing as well!

Alien Encounters has posted a photo of a giant Prometheus promotional display!

Writing Prometheus


Screenwriter Jon Spaihts talks the job of a lifetime at!

Prometheus Clues


The Aliens and Predators Tumblr blog recently posted a heads up on these cool Aliens and Prometheus posters!

Prometheus Clues


Ain't It Cool has the scoop on the latest development in the Prometheus ARG!

Wishing for a Prometheus Video Game


Over at Kotaku here!

Prometheus International Trailer



Monday Round Up


Just in time for the launch of Prometheus, Monsters in Motion has stocked up on a supply of HCG's excellent Space Jockey maquettes. Click here to check 'em out!

A new promotional Prometheus feature can be found on YouTube here!

Prometheus News You Can Use


AvP News recently got the scoop on this 53 page feature in L'encran Fantastique.

Spoilerish imagery.

Also while you're there, you may want to check out this press release on the crew of Prometheus!

Whedon Alien Egg Auction


Alien Resurrection screenwriter Joss Whedon has donated a personal gift from 20th Century Fox as part of a charity auction to benefit Equality Now. Check it out here!

Wednesday News Round Up


Ridley Scott's LA Times video interview is now up at YouTube here!

A text version is up here!

A new featurette is up at Apple here!

An early version of the Alien Encounters event documentary is up on YouTube here!

Quick Bits


Ridley Scott video interview at LA Times tomorrow!

AvP Galaxy has details on "Bishop" appearing in Colonial Marines here!

A few small new Prometheus tidbits have popped up over at Alien Prequel News!

New expanded Predator soundtrack here!

Quick Bits


Carved Aliens-themed guitar here!

Westfield Comics video on Alien: The Illustrated Story!

Prometheus & The Original Alien Script


How much Alien DNA is in the Prometheus script? Here's a theory!

More Prometheus Bits


Unlock David's "Real Emotion" and more here!

Enthusiastic Prometheus Blog here!

New Prometheus Viral Video & More


Found on YouTube here!

Weyland Industries has undergone a redesign with new content!

Monday News Round Up


More Colonial Marines news here.

A ton of new Prometheus imagery, specs, cutaways and more are coming Wednesday!

New Russian Trailer here!

More ratings talk here.

Aliens Epilogue full film here.

Making Aliens Epilogue here.

Aliens Items @ Westfield Comics


There are a TON of new Aliens items available for preorder over at Westfied Comics, including Dark Horse Presents #12 with an all new Aliens story! While you're there, check out the new Alien books for pre-order, as well as Cinefex #130 with a behind-the-scenes look at Prometheus!

Ridley Talk More Prometheus


Over at Collider here!

Hot Toys City Hunter Predator


Hot Toys is proud to present the 1/6th scale City Hunter Predator Collectible Figure from the Predator 2 movie. The movie-accurate City Hunter Predator collectible is specially crafted based on his image in the movie, highlighting the newly developed head, LED light-up mask, highly detailed body armor, weapons and accessories.

The 1/6th scale City Hunter Predator Collectible Figure specially features:

Authentic and detailed fully realized likeness of City Hunter Predator in the movie Predator 2
Realistic and accurate 1/6th scale of approximately 14 inches / 35 cm tall
Over 22 points of articulations
Newly developed head
Rubber hair
One (1) exchangeable expanded mandible
Net on body
One (1) interchangeable left cut-off forearm
Six (6) pieces of interchangeable palms including:
One (1) right palm for holding spear
One (1) right palm for holding disc
One (1) pair of fists
One (1) pair of relaxed palms


One (1) extendable spear
One (1) extendable disc on right thigh


One (1) detachable face mask with LED light-up function
One (1) detachable oxygen mask
One (1) pair of forearm armor with expandable metal blade on right side, and device on left side
Armor on shoulder, waist, thighs, knees and legs
One (1) trophy skull
One (1) detachable medical kit with tools inside
Figure stand with City Hunter Predator nameplate and the movie logo

Release date: 4th Quarter 2012

Pic 1.
Pic 2.
Pic 3.
Pic 4.
Pic 5.
Pic 6.
Pic 7.
Pic 8.
Pic 9.
Pic 10.
Pic 11.
Pic 12.
Pic 13.
Pic 14.
Pic 15.
Pic 16.
Pic 17.
Pic 18.
Pic 19.
Pic 20.
Pic 21.

Friday News Round Up


Sky Movies Ridley Scott's video interview here.

Inside Prometheus at io9 here.

Total Film magazine preview at AvP Galaxy here!

Colonial Marines at here.


Prometheus RT-01 Transport and More


Prometheus vehicle here!

Ridley talks Prometheus rating here!

Win a Colonial Marine Hoodie


Miss out on one of those killer Aliens: Colonial Marines hoodies at PAX? Well now's your chance to score one over at Ripten!

New Prometheus Imagery


Thanks to Verizon's Prometheus Mission Connect mini game, new imagery has popped up online . You can check out the images over at Collider here!

Scott on Prometheus Rating


Director Ridley Scott talks Prometheus' rating over at Bleeding Cool here! Beware spoilers!

Found on Facebook


Colonial Marines Preview Event at PAX here.

Prometheus PR Junket here.

New Colonial Marines Screens here!

Wednesday News Round Up


Killer Prometheus image at IGN here.

Spoiler Prometheus preview here.

Aliens Epilogue fanfilm trailer Aliens 3D?

Konami Aliens arcade cabinet mini recreation here.

New Prometheus images here.

Another Prometheus Preview


Over at Ain't It Cool News here!

Sculpting the Powerloader


Gearbox Software's display featured a full-size Powerloader statue complete with attacking Alien Warrior. Here's how they did it.

Remote Control Aliens APC


Check it out here!

Thanks again to Andrew Glazebrook for the scoop!

Prometheus Preview


There's a SPOILER filled preview for the first 12 minutes of Prometheus at Bleeding Cool here!

Rare Giger Interview


Check it out before it's gone!

Tuesday Morning News Round Up


More Colonial Marines coverage at UGO here.

Alien murals in London here.

What happened with Aliens 3D? Article coming soon!

Scott teases 3D in London here.

Spaihts Talks Prometheus


Screenwriter Jon Spaihts talks writing Prometheus and working with Ridley Scott over at Collider here!

Custom Aliens Queen Sculpt


Check out this amazing Aliens Queen sculpt at The Effects Lab!

Thanks to Andrew Glazebrook for the scoop!

Monday Morning News Round Up


Kotaku's Colonial Marines preview here.

Colonial Marines single player gameplay here.

Guy Pearce talks Prometheus here.

The prop guns of Prometheus here.

More A L I E N Easter @ The Oatmeal here.

Predators Fan Film


We recently received an email from Vitali Butramenko, director of the Predators parody film Rabitors which you can check out by clicking here!

Prometheus News Round Up


Check out the new interactive Prometheus Facebook app here.

Some cool new Prometheus fan art here.

SPOILER FILLED look at the script here.

A L I E N Easter here.

Aliens Colonial Marines News


Multiplayer Gameplay trailer here.

Screenshots and more at AvP Galaxy here.

Check out a ton of great links at Gearboxity here.

News Round Up


AvP Galaxy has an interview with Gearbox Software here.

Another "Free Hugs" t-shirt is available on Woot here.

Prometheus Wondercon trailer here.

Aliens: Making a Drone


Check out this rare Aliens behind the scenes photo and blog entry over at Stan Winston School.

CG 3D Queen


We recently came across this amazing Aliens Queen render by artist Harsh Borah we wanted to share with you here!

Ridley Scott Talks Prometheus


Over at Ain't It Cool News here!

Dave's Geeky Ideas


We recently came across this website which is filled with a ton of sci-fi and genre inspired ideas for you to look through. Check out Dave's franchise ideas here, and his concept for an Aliens APC inspired DVD/Blu-ray case here!

Kenner Figures for Sale


Those of you looking to complete you collection of vintage Kenner Aliens action figures should bounce an email to Dan by clicking here. Dan has been collecting for years and has a large assortment for sale at "best offer" prices.

Sideshow Wolf Predator Legendary Scale Figure


Project Prometheus


Thanks to Super Punch for this incredible link detailing the Project Prometheus viral ARG so far...

Alien Art


Spotted some gems over at Geek Art including this Ripley print, this Prometheus inspired print, and these Ridley Scott and more poster concepts!

Prometheus Interview


For those of you wanting to know more, Ain't it Cool News recently posted this interview with Lindelof and Scott!

Prometheus Full Trailer


Yo, check us out!

News Round-Up


Another new Prometheus preview has popped up online here, along with along with another viral site, Project Prometheus!

Wanna revisit the making of a classic? Check out Making Aliens!

Weyland Corp. T-Shirt


Seen here!

Alien: Artist's Edition


Bleeding Cool has the scoop on this remastered reprinting of a classic.

The Yutani Corporation


Yutani Corp.

"Moving Human Capital Beyond Tomorrow."

Sideshow Predator 2 Statue


The Next Prometheus Trailer


Can be seen online in a few days according to Ain't It Cool!

Another Free Hugs T-Shirt


Spotted over at Jim Smash here.

Sideshow Bone Grill Mask


News Round Up


In addition to the upcoming Aliens Technical Manual reissue, Fox is also rereleasing the classic Alien: The Illustrated Story which you can check out on Amazon here.

Some fun updates to the Prometheus viral have been unearthed over at AvP Galaxy here!

Prometheus Viral Begins


The viral marketing campaign for Prometheus has begun with this excellent Ridley Scott conceived TED Talk from the Future.

Damon Lindelof talks more about the writing of the short here!

The video also contains a link back to Weyland Industries!

Thanks to Jason, Grant, Jim, Philip, Conrad, and everyone else who sent this in!

NECA Update


Action figure site Toy Ark has a nice preview of what we can expect from NECAs upcoming Aliens releases, including the much anticipated Colonial Marines!

Speaking of NECA, you can now order a set of 7" "Lost Tribe" Predators as seen at the end of Predator 2 at Monsters in Motion here!

Tech Manual Reissue


Perhaps to coincide with the upcoming release of Colonial Marines, it looks like the original Aliens: Colonial Marines Technical Manual is getting reissued.

Ode to Alien 3


We just received an email from singer-songwriter Cam, aka Teak Wood Gallows who let us know he recently composed his own video tribute to Alien 3 on YouTube here!

New Aliens T-Shirts


Our friends over at Jim Smash have uncovered not one, but TWO new Aliens themed t-shirts including this one, and this "Alien Evolution" one!

The Effects Lab


Thanks to Andrew Glazebrook we've spotted some incredible custom sculpts over at The Effects Lab here, including this stunning AvP: R Predalien, this Aliens Warrior, and more!

Gateway Station Animation


A stunning CG recreation of Gateway Station has been spotted at Aliens: Epilogue artist Andrew Glazebrook's website here!

AvP Prop Video


The Propstore of London recently uploaded this YouTube video that takes an in-depth look at their animatronic Facehugger prop!

AvP Bone Grill Mask


Coming soon from Sideshow:

Preview here!

New @ Monsters in Moton


A couple of fun, new Aliens items have popped up for sale over at Monsters in Motion including these Alien "Big Chap" chopsticks and this Alien Egg Pod ice cube tray!

Aliens The Musical


Featuring Lady Gaga on YouTube here!

Oh boy...

NECA Colonial Marine Action Figures


According to this Bloody Disgusting post, NECA will not only be releasing a new Aliens style Alien Warrior with more articulation, but new Colonial Marine figures based on the upcoming game AND the film!

And check out their Twitter feed for news on Prometheus figures!

Aliens Colonial Marines Box Art


AvP Galaxy has just posted the following press release from Sega here!

"Today we are excited to reveal the pack fronts for SEGAs highly anticipated Aliens: Colonial Marines, featuring you and your friends as the ultimate badasses against the deadliest killers in the galaxy.

In partnership with Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products and developed by critically acclaimed studio Gearbox Software, Aliens: Colonial Marines will bring new levels of bone-chilling suspense and adrenaline-filled action to the renowned franchise. The game pits players against the universes ultimate alien killing machines, the Xenomorphs, in claustrophobic environments guaranteed to produce blood curdling thrills that the movie is renowned for.

Aliens: Colonial Marines begins with an ostensibly abandoned ship, the U.S.S. Sulaco, recovered in orbit around LV-426. Players lead a group of highly trained United States Colonial Marines as they board the deserted craft to uncover the fate of the crew. They will have to fight to survive unspeakable horrors and their own anxieties as they chase down the truth behind a galaxy-spanning deception that places humanity at the mercy of the most murderous and deadly species in the universe. Aliens: Colonial Marines features authentic environments, such as the surface of LV-426 and Hadleys Hope, weapons inspired by the film series and is designed to provide an exhilarating and engaging new chapter in the Aliens universe."

More Alien Poster Design


Spotted over at First Showing here!

Link Round Up


Super Punch just posted this Gavin Rothery look at the Weyland-Yutani soldiers seen in Alien 3.

And we may have blogged this one before, but just in case, Den of Geek heaps Praise on the Sci-Fi Corridor here!

Sideshow Aliens Warrior Statue


Prometheus Art Book


Over at AvP Galaxy they've unearthed the scoop on the upcoming Prometheus art book here.

And speaking of Prometheus, io9 has a primer on "everything we know about the Space Jockeys" here!

Link Roundup


Ever wondered what Alien might have looked like from Jones' point of view? Look no further.

Seasame Alien.

And those of you who remember the old Commodore 64 Alien game may get a kick out of this!

Aliens in the Kitchen


We've been a little slack in getting around to posting these, but with all the emails coming in, we thought it would be time to finally post about Kotobukiya's upcoming Alien kitchen items.

Tomopop has a nice round-up of what we're talking about here, and if you're interested in placing an order, Entertainment Earth has 'em up for pre-order here, here, here, here, and here.

Thanks to Mike Henderson, Phil Vollmer, and everyone else who sent this in!

Custom Alien Figures


Graphic designer Dayton Allen recently bounced us this link to his blog entry featuring his custom sculpted and articulated action figures from Alien! Hit the jump to check it out!

Facehugger Victim Paper Toy


Spotted at the always excellent Super Punch here!

New Colonial Marines Trailer


Online at IGN here!

A L I E N in 60 Seconds


Check out this quick video by Alien fan Matt Maggs!

Alien Health & Safety


Our friend John over at Super Punch recently posted this link to a custom "Health and Safety" poster some of you may get a kick out of.

While you're there you may want to check out this fun take on a Prometheus poster!

Building Better Worlds T-Shirt


Spotted over at RedBubble here! For more Weyland-Yutani designs here!

Alien Poster Design


Some eye-popping new takes on movies poster concepts for both Alien and Blade Runner can be found here and here!

Plush Chestbursters


Now on sale at Entertainment Earth here - buy one, get one for 40% off!

Aliens: Colonial Marines Collector's Edition


Spotted over at Game Informer here and Destructoid here!

Motion Tracker Assembly Guide


While we've had our own Aliens Motion Tracker assembly guide online for ages, this jaw-dropping thread at the RPF reminded us of another incredible tutorial.

Cool Alien Art


Spotted over at Geek Art here!

Remote Control Aliens APC


Collector Tony Chaney who's amazing work was recently featured on our collectors page just uploaded this killer video of his remote control APC in action!

Alien Behind the Scenes


Happy New Year all... An amazing collection of behind-the-scenes photography on Alien has recently popped up on Gavin Rothery's site here! Click here for Inside Alien part 1, here for part 2, here for 3, and here 4 4 (see what I did there).

Thanks to Graham for the heads up!

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