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Shoulder Lamps

Looking for a working Colonial Marine shoulder lamp to compliment your armor? Thermalized Plastics makes fantastic working replicas as seen on the body armor of the United States Colonial Marines! $255.00 (includes shipping and handling)

Shoulder Lamp

Space: Above & Beyond

Marine gear from Space: Above & Beyond. These come from the original molds and masters used for the series!



Helmet 2


Star Trek

Star Trek: The Motion Picture and Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan - Working Phasers.

These are vac-u-formed with working LED's and run on a 6 volt battery. Emitter comes on when you pull the trigger. Complete with on and off buttons.



Star Trek: Voyager - 29th Century Tricorder

Completely finished with working lights, this replica has a select mode for medical or science. When activated it always turns on in 29th Century mode. The owner can then change the light mode by pushing the I/1 E/2 Button, on the second vinyl from the top right, activating the medical light mode. Pressing the button again turns it back into science mode. These are custom made vinyl's, in layers which produces more vivid colors, with very little ink to rub off.

The Tricorder is painted in the original paint scheme and the boards are custom made with a microprocessor chip. The unit is activated by a magnetic switch to turn it off and on (no moving parts to break down!). You will also get a tricorder pouch with clips which has industrial grade flock inside to protect the prop. The tricorder runs on 2 - 3 volt Photo Lithium batteries. When turned on, it will run continuously for 45 to 60 minutes. Please note: NO KITS AVAILABLE. Email for more information.


Klingon Knife

Working Klingon Knife with aluminum blades and resin body. Just by pressing the button the side blades pop out.

Goonies Key. Email for complete information.

Copper plated, with added Patina and complete with leather strap.


Land of the Giants

Studio Scale Spindrift kit: $450.00 shipped in the U.S.

Email for complete information.

You will receive the following in the kit:

1) 3 hand-laid fiberglass main body parts ( Front top section, rear top section, one piece bottom section)
2) 2 (PEG) thermoformed Front and Rear parts (Intakes/exhaust)
3) Resin casting of the front sensor, cockpit section, tailfin, door panel controls.
4) Octagon aluminum grills (12x12).
5) Thermoformed dome.
6) 1 wooden ball and 5 pins for antenna.
7) Information on where to purchase light kit.
8) Parts listing for all plastic used.

  Note: The spindrift is over 36" long 13" tall and 22"wide when completed. She is BIG!

  Finished ready for lights out of the box: $900.00 shipped in the U.S.

Finished with lights ready for display: $1,200.00 shipped in U.S.

Pic 1

Pic 2

Pic 3

Galaxy Quest

Working Surface Mapper

The main body of the prop is vacuformed plastic and completed with fully functional lights and sound. The main face is resin cast. The flip up cover functions, and is the actual part used to fabricate the original prop. Complete with vinyl graphics, the unit runs on AAA batteries (easy access panel on the back). Please note the lens in the flip up cover has 5 random running lights: Red, Blue, Yellow, Green and White.

Mapper 1

Mapper 2

Mapper 3

This is a fan made prop of the famous Nebulizer from Galaxy Quest. It is made of solid resins and finished in the same paint scheme as in the movie. This prop would make a great addition to anyone's collections.



This is a working Vox with an antenna that magnetically opens and closes. Comes complete with a belt clip and your choice of blue screen (The Thermians) or the screen with red LEDS (the Galaxy Quest T.V. series). Everyone should have a complete landing party set. Remember: Never give up! Never surrender!

Vox 1

Vox 2



Is fashioned from measurements and specs of the original and comes with a lighted resin base, fully painted, plug in unit with a mother board LED light...the tip of it fits into a custom holder in the base. Clarity resin, cast base, with Led, full professional paint job etc...



Slayer Stake

This is a resin stake and base. Comes completely finished as you see it here. The plate says Buffy the Vampire Slayer Stake and is finished in red.

Stake 1

Stake 2

This is a resin stake and base. Comes completely finished as you see it here. The plate says Buffy the Vampire Slayer Stake and is finished in red.

The Time Machine

Time Machine Key

You may not be able to buy the Time Machine... But you can get the key that made it work! This is a reproduction of the key seen in the classic Time Machine movie. The key is made of machined brass and (real) crystal. The box is custom made with brass hardware and velvet lined. Once you have this you'll have all the time in the world!

Key 1

Key 2


The wand are made from real holly and yew woods and made in two peaces. They are then sealed in a Clear lacquer and let try for 48 hrs and buffed out. The boxes, These are made out of box making materials and cover in a high quality paper (top and bottom of box). The labels are clear and clean and are made probationary along with the pillows in the boxes to hold the wands. A box and wand of your choice.

Wand 1

Wand 2

Display Cases

Display cases are price-quoted per job.

Case 1

Case 2

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