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Pulse Rifle Poster

Available now is a 37" x 24."5 poster of the M41A. It features a FULL SIZE Pulse Rifle in two view, showing both left and right sides. This is accompanied by two smaller views with labeled references. Specifications will also be included on the extended right margin.

They will be printed individually per customer order and shipped rolled up in a sturdy cardboard poster tube.

M41A Pulse Rifle Manual

So you've read the Colonial Marine Tech Manual, huh? A thorough and impressive publication, but are you a hard-core Pulse Rifle fan who wants a little more? Check out Derrick Baena's fantastic M41A Pulse Rifle manual! Talk about in-depth, this guide is the ULTIMATE companion to the weapon we all know and love.

An additional source of information on this unique weapon system was needed to feed the demand of fellow Aliens and Pulse Rifle enthusiasts. A document that vastly expands upon where Brimmicombe left off or never intended to go. Derrick Baena is happy to provide such a document.

This 58 page manual consists of five chapters; Introduction, Operating Instructions, Ammunition, Assault Fire Requirements/Positions, and Accessories. It is designed to resemble as closely as possible the standard military field manual format; Incorporating the look, colors and language. Addressing in detail: rifle specifications, service variants, principles of operation, step by step illustrated operation of both the rifle and grenade launcher, detailed descriptions of various 10mm and 30mm ammunition to include cross section views and the introduction of several different electro-optical accessories. All images are original, drawn by the author and never before seen.

This is just the beginning. This manual will be subject to modifications updates and revisions (just like the real things). When revisions become available, manual owners will be contacted, and for a nominal fee, be sent updated inserts for their manual. In the near future Derrick will be teaming up with 2 other writers and graphic artists to begin a joint venture that will vastly expand upon any and all information currently available on the Colonial Marine Corps universe. The M41A Field Manual is a prototype, a tool to test the potential market. If it is well received, what awaits on the horizon is a series of illustrated technical and field manuals all based on USCMC equipment; the M56 smart gun, motion tracker, personal armor, the APC, and maybe even a pilot's operating handbook for the UD-4L Dropship.

Each manual is an original, directly run from a digital file to a commercial color processor. They are not photocopies. Click here to email Derrick Baena Productions for complete ordering information.

For even more information be sure to check out Phil Steinschneider's Aliens Pulse Rifle Homepage!

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